Biden Tries to School Tim Scott About Racism With His Most Racist Statement Yet

Yesterday, I wrote about Joy Behar’s attack on Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC), how incredible it was that she was going to try to tell him what systemic racism was.


Well, here comes Joe Biden saying, “Hold my beer, Joy.” Now Mr. “You Ain’t Black,” buddy of segregationists is trying to tell Scott about racism? Biden’s remarks are so incredibly racist, I don’t even know where to begin. When I first read it, I almost choked.

From Fox News:

“No, I don’t think the American people are racist, but I think after 400 years, African-Americans have been left in a position where they are so far behind the eight-ball in terms of education, health, in terms of opportunity,” Biden said.

“I think the overhang from all of the Jim Crow and before that, slavery, has had a cost, and we have to deal with it,” Biden added.

Did Biden just call black people lacking in education and health? Because that’s sure what it sounds like he just said.

This is something he’s suggested before, that he seems to think black people are poor and uneducated.

We saw when he was asked a question about reparations, he ended up saying something about parents not being able to educate their kids and teach them words, so they needed to keep the record player on at night. It’s that bigotry of low expectations again. He’s going to tell parents how to educate their kids — because they don’t know how, he’ll tell them.


Then there was this one where he assumed poor kids were black.

There it is, that’s right on the money. Democrats think they control people, which is why they are always pushing victimhood, as Biden pushes here. It’s a way again of trying to exert control, as opposed to actually acknowledging people are equal under the law and in truth.


But these same folks who say they care about “black lives” then attacked Scott, calling him “Uncle Tom,” even getting “Uncle Tim” to trend on Twitter.

Tim Scott pointed out how the Democrats went after him for daring to challenge the world view they were pushing.

“They are not going to attack my policies,” Scott responded about the attacks. “They are literally attacking the color of my skin. You cannot step out of your lane according to the liberal-elite Left.”

Democrats like Biden really need a wake-up call with this stuff, because they are the bigots of whom they speak.


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