Trump Cheered at Hannity Border Town Hall and Drops Hint About Future Run

Sean Hannity and President Donald Trump (Credit: Fox)

President Donald Trump and Gov. Greg Abbott both appeared on Sean Hannity’s show tonight in a town hall about the border.

It was an event with an extremely enthusiastic and favorable crowd for Trump.


Hannity started it by comparing and contrasting how Trump got the border in hand. How Trump got the number of people illegally entering to fall because of all his efforts including the Remain in Mexico policy, building 500 miles of new border wall, and discouraging people from coming. As opposed to the Biden/Harris team whose policies encouraged people to come illegally. Biden reversed almost all of Trump’s border “fixes.” So naturally, suddenly, the border became a complete mess, as Hannity noted, with Biden literally telling migrants to “surge the border.”

Hannity noted Trump went to the border six times, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris none — although Kamala got within nine miles last week. Hannity also explained how under Biden they are flying illegal aliens into the various states, something that hasn’t gotten all the attention that it deserves. Trump pointed out how they’re doing that without even necessarily telling the states ahead of time that they’re just dropping the people off in the state. Trump pointed out how Kamala Harris wouldn’t even have gotten to El Paso if she didn’t think she had to counteract him coming, which comment people cheered.

Trump noted that not only were we getting the surges of illegal aliens now, but also so much more fentanyl coming in. He said the wall was two months from completion and Biden stopped it. But as reported earlier, Greg Abbott is going to use stimulus funds to finish the wall anyway. They’re also getting help from other states, such as Florida which sent law enforcement to help out.


Perhaps one of the most interesting moments of the evening was when Hannity tried to draw Trump out on his future plans and whether he planned to run again. Hannity asked the crowd if they’d like to see Trump run again, and the crowd cheered. Hannity said he knew that Trump wasn’t going to tell at this point but he asked Trump if he had made up his mind whether he was running or not. Trump replied yes, he had. Hannity responded that he thought that was a big hint. It did seem so as Trump was in great form. He seemed ready and raring to go to take on the Democrats.

In addition to the hint about making up his mind about a run, another interesting tidbit was Trump said he thought that Bill Barr changed and became scared because of threats of impeachment from the Democrats.



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