Creepy Joe Does That Weird Whispering Thing Again

We reported last week on how Joe Biden was doing this weird, creepy whispering thing when he was answering questions about his infrastructure bill to reporters. He alternates now between suddenly almost shouting and then dropping to the whispering voice for seemingly no reason, and it’s just odd.


He was at it again today — leaning in and whispering — when he was visiting La Crosse, Wisconsin to push his infrastructure bill, which he touted as a “generational investment.” Translation: we’re going to be paying for it for a very long time.

“I think it’s time to give ordinary people a tax break,” Biden whispered, leaning in, with that Joker smile thing that he does. “The wealthy are doing fine. I mean it. I mean it.” Then he stood up again and suddenly became very loud. “Why is this not a tax break for working folks, when the stuff we give to the super wealthy are called tax breaks?”

In addition to it just being creepy, Biden once again has a problem with basic truth. President Donald Trump gave a tax break to 82% of middle income earners. Most Americans benefited from Trump’s tax cuts.


We had the guy who gave us tax breaks. Now, we have this guy, who’s going to end up imposing more taxes on most of us and is already making everything cost more through inflation, while telling us that the tax hammer is going to be on the “wealthy.” Sorry, guys, but we’re all going to feel it big time.

Biden also railed about global warming, according to the Daily Caller.

“It’s 116 degrees in Portland, Oregon,” Biden exclaimed. “One hundred and sixteen degrees! But don’t worry, there’s no global warming. It doesn’t exist — it’s a figment of our imagination. Seriously.”

Instead of getting serious about how much everything Biden is proposing is going to cost us if it goes through or nailing him on the spiraling border crisis and rising prices, the media did manage to ask him about his ice cream choice in Wisconsin and squee about that.


Biden was asked if he was going to order “rocky road” ‘It’s been a rocky road, but we’re going to get it done,’ he declared and then ordered strawberry plus as cookies and cream. No comments were made about how bad it was that he ordered two scoops like President Donald Trump.

Biden was also talking with young girls again.

Either he hasn’t got the memo about stopping the creepy stuff or he’s just doing it anyway. Either way, that combined with the lying, is not a good look.


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