Joe Biden Held a Presser Today and Things Got Really, Really Weird

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It’s been at least a few days since Joe Biden has done something that makes eyes dart in perplexed fashion, but that streak was broken today. Of course, he’s been in hiding since returning from Europe so he didn’t have much opportunity to show off his senility earlier in the week. Still, progress is progress.


Today, the president held a presser after announcing a big “infrastructure” deal had been struck between Democrats and several spineless Republicans. A few GOP members are apparently eager to give Biden a major win while crushing the middle class with more inflation, but I digress — that scathing critique is for another article.

During the presser, things just got weird. Honestly, I don’t know how else to describe it. Here, judge for yourself.

If you can’t watch the video, Biden, upon being asked a basic question about COVID relief, proceeds to lean into the mic and utter some kind of mixup of whispering and trying to sound like Batman. Really, I’m at a loss. What’s the purpose here? Is it to try to belittle the reporters by speaking to them in a way Biden perceives you talk to children? Or does he just not realize he’s even doing what he’s doing? Either way, it’s all very “creepy grandpa” stuff and certainly not the behavior you’d expect from a president.

Later, despite it being at the top of the news, Biden would also forget to mention the collapsed apartment building in Florida. Kamala Harris had to remind him as he tried to leave the podium.


The little giggle at the end there isn’t a good look, especially when you are dealing with an ongoing tragedy where people are still buried under rubble. But Biden’s inability to control his emotions in public is hardly new.

Biden would return to the “lean forward and grunt stuff” strategy when he blamed employers for the fact that unemployment is high and labor participation is low.

There’s so much wrong with what he says there. The government is literally paying people $40,000+ a year in some states to sit at home. It’s no great shock that they aren’t going to go back and work for $17/hr when they are getting the same paycheck without having to do anything. The plan for most in that situation is to ride out the unemployment and then grab a job when September rolls around. It’s a cynical game, but it’s one that’s been enabled by a stupid, incompetent government with a savior complex. As to his comments on inflation, I haven’t seen that “consensus,” but I hope he’s right because the inflation he and his party caused is crushing the middle class.


Imagine what other countries must be thinking when they watch Biden. I know the Europeans love him because he gives them what they want with no pushback, but our adversaries have to be laughing their heads off. This is not a man who will stand up to them. Rather, it’s a man who can’t remember what he had for breakfast.


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