Turley Points out How DOJ Suing Georgia Could Backfire Big Time on Biden, Dems

The Democrats failed to pass HR. 1 and S. 1, the Senate’s version of it, their massive effort to essentially federalize elections and solidify their power. Now, they appear to be trying the next option: to go after the election security laws that have been passed in some states. As we previously reported, the DOJ has now sued Georgia, claiming Georgia’s recently passed election law is discriminatory against black people. Joe Biden has even called the law “Jim Crow 2.0.”


Yet, they can’t really point to what’s ‘racist’ about the law. Not only is the DOJ going after Georgia, Attorney General Merrick Garland indicated that they would be going after other states who passed or were in the process of passing other election security laws.

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp blasted this move by the DOJ as an unconstitutional effort to undermine the will of the people — and push through an effort they weren’t able to achieve by passing into law.

According to Fox News, George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley explained on “Fox & Friends” how this lawsuit may backfire on Joe Biden and the Democrats: by drawing more attention to the nature of the laws, how they are similar to laws in Democratic states like Joe Biden’s own state of Delaware and how this is a very dubious case. Turley also pointed out how it will highlight that, under the Constitution, control of the elections is left to the states.


“I’m highly skeptical and I think they may ultimately regret this move. It could indeed clarify this issue in a way the Biden administration does not want,” Turley said.[….] “But, this is a very dubious case in my view. Because the Georgia law has great overlap with other states like Delaware,” he said.

Turley also pointed out how Democrats really can’t claim voter ID as an issue, because it’s popular with voters. Even Democrats like Stacey Abrams has now shifted position on it. In addition to the fact that it’s ridiculous to begin with to call voter ID racist;  that’s racist, in and of itself, to suggest a black person isn’t somehow able to get an ID.

Turley also makes the point that I’ve made repeatedly — that Democrats have been essentially trying to federalize the elections, which is against the Constitution.

“One of the issues that the court may ultimately amplify is that elections were left in the Constitution to the state. Alexander Hamilton actually wrote in the Federalist Papers imagine if the federal government was to take over the management of elections, and he basically said we would all object. Well, that’s what’s happening now in Congress: they are trying to essentially federalize elections, and I think they are going to have a serious pushback on this lawsuit.”


If the court touches that issue and rules against them in some measure on that, it could really come back to haunt their dreams.


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