Kamala's 'Border Visit' Was Smoke and Mirrors, as Protesters Greet Her With Fitting Nickname

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Kamala Harris seems to be met with protesters wherever she goes.

As we reported, she was met by protesters, when she went to Guatemala, telling her to “Go Home.”


Now, as she visits El Paso, Texas, protesters are out there for her photo op in the area. But I’m thinking that wasn’t the photo op that she wanted. The Hispanic, Trump-supporting group of protesters also gifted her with a new nickname, “Que mala,” which would translate to “how mean,” or “how bad.” A great, short expression of “how bad” she and Joe Biden have been for the border — and for the country in general.

Warning for whistles and graphic language:


Meanwhile, just exactly how many motorcycle cops and police were accompanying Kamala there? Talk about carbon emissions; she’s definitely cornered the market there, with that level of people and gas- pumping vehicles in attendance. This is the administration that claims they care about that evil ‘climate change’?

But the folks at the border know that Kamala is there for the momentary photo op, as Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) called it the “check the box” visit, so people will stop bothering her about it. They’re not buying it.

Just to be clear how much of a photo op this really is, she’s not even going to the actual physical border in El Paso, even in the less problematic area there — as opposed to the Rio Grande Valley — so there wouldn’t be any shot of her by any wall. That apparently might appear to be endorsing it. She’s just flying into the airport, going to a border patrol station miles from the physical border, and then going back to the airport to talk to some NGOs, if you check the schedule.


It’s basically a four-hour layover on her way back to California. Talk about dialing it in. This is smoke and mirrors; what is this supposed to have done? It’s such a ridiculous effort, even for something so clearly thrown together to fend off comment and forced by President Donald Trump’s visit.

What did she do to address anything? She attacked Trump’s policies — while it was the Biden/Harris policies that made everything worse. But she has no intention of changing them.



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