Kamala Snaps at Reporter When Asked Why It Took Her So Long to Go to the Border

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Kamala Harris has finally made it to the border.

Now, granted, she’s not actually gone to where the real crisis is in the Rio Grande Valley, she went to El Paso, which is about 800 miles north of the areas hardest hit. As we pointed out, she got nailed on that not only by Republicans like Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott but also by Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) who’s from the area that’s in real crisis. Cuellar called her going to El Paso a “politically safe” “check the box” kind of a trip.

While in El Paso, she’s going to see a processing center, a Border Patrol facility, and get an operational briefing. But it’s less likely to have the problematic pictures and people she might have to face if she had gone to the Rio Grande Valley.

When she got off the plane and met the press, she was asked by Fox’s Peter Doocy to explain why she decided to go now when she hadn’t previously had actual plans to go. This trip was hurriedly announced after President Donald Trump said he would be making his first trip to the border, making it clear that Trump was essentially forcing the Biden team’s hand.

That question immediately annoyed Harris, who snapped at Doocy, “It’s not my first trip, I’ve been to the border many times.” But it is her first trip since being tasked with the job of dealing with the border. Let’s not be obtuse and play word games here. She’s almost as bad as Joe Biden when challenged with a little truth.

“Because as I’ve long said, I said back in March I was going to come to the border so this is not a new plan.”

She then repeated it again, in case you didn’t buy it the first time she said it.

So let’s review.

No, it hasn’t “always been the plan,” there wasn’t an actual “plan” announced until this week.

Before that she made general non-specific comments about visiting, cackled and tried to downplay going as though it wasn’t an important thing to do, as though it wasn’t a pressing matter, saying things like, “I haven’t been to Europe either.”

Cuellar said that while he’s glad she went to any part of the border, going to El Paso wouldn’t give her a true picture of what’s going on because she’s not talking to the right people where it’s happening. He’d been asking her to come to his area for months but he never heard back from her. Cuellar claims he and other Texas Democrats had no idea until they saw it in the news.

But just remember “it’s always been the plan.”