Nancy Pelosi Proclaims the 'Root Causes' of January 6th and Kneecaps Her Argument in the Process

Do you want to know why Republicans didn’t go along with the so-called “January 6th Commission” in Congress, blocking its creation some weeks ago? Well, you probably know why, but just in case you don’t, Nancy Pelosi offers a perfect example that bolsters the reasoning.


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In her latest denture cream-laden rant, Pelosi announced the creation of a partisan select committee to “investigate” what happened on January 6th. Yet, she simultaneously managed to undercut the justification for such a committee by proclaiming that she already knows the “root causes” of what happened at the Capitol.

Warning: Brain cells will be lost after watching this.

To be clear, I can find no evidence whatsoever that white supremacy, anti-Semitism, and Islamophobia played any role in the motivation behind January 6th. In fact, it seems pretty clear to me that those who trespassed at the Capitol did so out of the delusional idea that they could stall the certification of the election. To the extent that the array of people involved may have had varying viewpoints about varying subjects, that doesn’t speak to the motivation of that day.

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Regardless, there were many races of people involved in the unrest (and ultimately arrested), which blows up the idea these were a bunch of white supremacists. At no point did anyone claim to be doing what they were doing in support of white supremacy either, and here’s the thing with white supremacists — they typically want you to know they are white supremacists. Nothing about what Pelosi is saying adds up.

As to the claims of anti-Semitism, Donald Trump was the most pro-Jewish president in modern history (and perhaps all of presidential history). If anti-Semitism motivated Trump supporters, they clearly wouldn’t be Trump supporters in the first place. Lastly, the mention of Islamophobia seems completely out of place, thrown in to complete the trifecta of wokeness.

Of course, in my view, Pelosi wasn’t meaning to actually say something rational here. Rather, she was just spewing woke buzzwords because that’s basically the extent of Democrat politics these days. And again, the fact that she did that is all the evidence one needs to recognize that Republicans did the right thing in refusing to participate in these farcical “investigations.” Democrats have already made their mind up about what’s behind January 6th, facts need not apply. It does not matter what evidence is unearthed, the final report will blame Republicans for a variety of thought crimes they didn’t actually commit.


So again, based on her own prejudgement as stated in this press conference, what do we even need an investigation for? She thoroughly kneecapped her own argument for a select committee without even realizing it.

In the end, this is simply about painting the GOP as racists. Pelosi being unable to play the game well enough to not tip her hand so early is a testament to how far gone she truly is. Joe Biden has some competition.


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