BLM/Antifa Harass and Attack People Outside Conservative Event in Denver

AP Photo/Noah Berger

The Western Conservative Summit is being held in Denver from yesterday through today, featuring speakers including Victor Davis Hansen, Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO), Rep. Kat Cammack (R-FL), and journalist Andy Ngo, among others.


But BLM/Antifa showed up outside the event, trying to disrupt it, calling the attendees “Nazis.” In fact, they called it their own ‘summit’ and advertised on Facebook, with a graphic clearly threatening to throw milkshakes.

In the past, other Antifa people have attacked people like Andy Ngo with the milkshakes, so it’s a definite threat. But Facebook had no problem with the group’s organizing an action obviously targeting people.

Antifa’s objections were pretty funny, really stretching to find things to be offended by and justify their presence.

From Westword:

“The summit’s very theme of ‘Frontier Freedom’ is a white-supremacist dog-whistle and an insult to the Indigenous peoples of Colorado. Their choice to hold this meeting on Juneteenth is clearly racist. Their choice to feature noted anti-LGBTQ+ bigots during Pride Month is not a coincidence. The summit’s move to a non-union venue exploits Denver workers, including the majority-immigrant service staff at the Hyatt Regency, who will be subjected to two days of racism and xenophobia.”


Yeah, no, thinking the staff are going to like the tips and having guests there.

Now, folks like Chris Cuomo seem to get confused by the usage of the name ‘Antifa,’ but their ad makes their nature clear that it’s Communists and far-left radicals. Hence, the red flags (Communism) and the black flags (anarchy) of Antifa. They make their anti-capitalist nature very clear.

While there were ideas being discussed inside with the conservatives, outside the Hyatt in Denver, they tried to sow chaos.

Warning for graphic language.

Here they are blocking traffic and attendees from getting to the event and writing down license plate numbers to try to dox people, so the people can then be harassed.


They smacked this bearded guy’s phone out of his hand, and then jumped him when he tried to respond.


While they tried to cause trouble outside, that didn’t prevent the conference from going on and actual ideas from being discussed. There were a lot of police there that probably prevented more issues, although they didn’t stop everything. Funny how it’s the folks who claim to be ‘anti-fascists’ who are always trying to stamp out the right of free speech for anyone other than themselves.


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