HOT TAKES: Chris Cuomo Gets Ratio of All Time After Asking For Times He's Denied Facts

When Joe Biden yelled at CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins Wednesday, you would think that some on the left might have woken up to the fact that there’s a problem with this guy.


Maybe some did. But some are so into defensive mode, they’re disturbed at Collins for daring to even ask him a question. So that left CNN’s Chris Cuomo trying to justify Collins’ position to the rabid leftists like actress Rosanna Arquette.

That’s true.

But then Cuomo went over the slide and stepped in it big time.

Someone challenged him, saying that Cuomo constantly denied stories he didn’t like. Cuomo replied and asked people to “Name one. Tick tock.”

Oh, my. This is the same guy who has been denying reality on virtually every major story over the past year.

This the same guy who denied it as New York became the worst state in the nation in terms of its response to the pandemic with thousands dying in nursing homes after Chris’ brother’s order forcing the homes to take positive virus patients? This is the guy who painted his brother as a hero for his response and nicknamed him the “luv gov” even promoting him to women on CNN.


This is the same guy who denied what Antifa actually is, comparing it to our troops landing on D-Day in Normandy in 1944, and saying they have a “good cause.”

This is the same guy who claimed he was emerging after a long quarantine from the basement but who had already been up out of that basement the week before and got busted for it by a guy who saw him outside at another one of Cuomo’s homes. But he denied the reality of that.

Cuomo was even reminded that he built up so-called “whistleblower” Rebekah Jones, a former state health official in Florida who claimed that she was pressured by the DeSantis administration to alter the state’s data in order to push for reopenings until her story fell apart.

Can we say how much he earns that Fredo title when he doesn’t understand what will happen next if he throws down such an easy challenge? His tweet of course invited a ton of hot takes and he was definitely ratioed into next week with people offering responses.


Definitely have to re-up Ramen Guy, which is a classic.


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