Video of Biden's Prepared Answer Cards Shows How Much Help He Really Needs

We’ve been covering a lot of the problematic issues with Joe Biden during his European excursion and it’s been concerning for the security of the nation and pretty embarrassing. But the Biden team didn’t seem to care about how this might all play out on the world scene.


What was also troubling was while he’s there at world meetings, as he’s supposed to be protecting American interests and holding Vladimir Putin to account, he actually praised Putin and backed off. In the meantime, he spent time attacking Republicans overseas, breaking the generally recognized norm that while overseas you don’t attack the opposing party. He didn’t just criticize or differ on policy, he lied his head off and spoke derisively about Republicans to a world audience. This is not the way that an American leader is supposed to act abroad.

That wasn’t all.

Biden actually had prepared notes to go after the Trump DOJ over subpoenas issued during an investigation of Democrats leaking critical information. The leaks should be investigated and the fact that Democrats are making something about the subpoenas says more about their desire to deflect from the leaking itself. It’s pretty much a nothing burger story.


This of course has nothing to do with his overseas trip, just more about Biden and the Democrats’ inability to stop attacking Trump and him living rent-free in their minds.

But even with that, Joe Biden needed lots of help to get his talking points straight and help with his coherence, as OAN discovered. Here’s the video of his notecards with answers all written out.

It says “talking points” but they’re not just talking points — they’re full-out scripted answers. Imagine that you are so incoherent you need to be told to say such short empty-headed answers.

First, how anyone connected to Obama/Biden could even begin to say anything about Trump, given what they themselves did regarding the Trump team really takes a lot of unmitigated gall.

On top of that, no, the DOJ is NOT supposed to reflect his values, it’s not supposed to be influenced by him at all. The fact that he doesn’t understand that, and would even give that as a prepared answer is a big problem.


Further, there’s a point on there about that Congress should be respected as a co-equal branch of government. So should the executive branch, so Congress shouldn’t be wrongly leaking information. But also, does Biden not even remember what happened during the Obama/Biden administration when their CIA spied on Congress and lied about it? Then did nothing to punish John Brennan over it?

What was hilarious on top of all that preparation by the handlers? Biden didn’t end up getting any questions on the topic of the DOJ.


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