Trump, Jr Takes Brian Stelter to the Cleaners for His Reaction to Hunter's Use of 'N-Word'

AP Photo/John Raoux

We’ve been reporting on all the problematic issues and conflicts of interest that have been revealed in Hunter Biden’s laptop.

The liberal media has done their best to try to ignore the scandals surrounding the emails, even Joe Biden’s constant lie about not knowing anything about his son’s business despite the emails reveal ‘the big guy’ being introduced to Hunter’s business associates.


But as my colleague, Sister Toldjah, reported previously, there was a new scandal that hit yesterday that might be hard to ignore: Hunter’s texts showing the use of the “N-word.”

Per the Daily Mail, it has been revealed via newly-obtained text messages from his laptop that Hunter Biden has used the “n-word” on numerous occasions, addressing his white lawyer with the word “n*gga” and saving a meme to his laptop of his dad hugging former President Obama with the words “you my n***a, Barack” among the messages added to the photo.

So is media covering that?

When you google “Hunter Biden n-word texts,” you get Forbes, the NY Post and Fox News as of this writing. No liberal media outlets like the New York Times, CNN or MSNBC. They’re going to even try to memory-hole that, apparently.

What about our friend at CNN, Brian Stelter? Did he even cover it? Tangentially, in taking a shot at what Fox News was covering, which seems to be pretty much all he does.


Apparently it isn’t news to him if it involves a Biden. He apparently thinks coverage of those issues is somehow something to be criticized. So not just isn’t he covering it, he’s criticizing coverage of it.

Maybe CNN would have higher ratings if they actually covered the news, rather than trying to avoid it or run interference for the Democrats.

Now, you know if any President Donald Trump’s children actually had such texts, Brian would be all over in a red-hot minute, it would be running 24/7 on CNN with analysis as to what this really means and what trouble it was for Trump himself. Imagine if one of Trump’s children had impregnated a stripper, was addicted to coke and confused it with parmesan cheese? We’d never hear the end of it.

This horrible remark from Donald Trump, Jr was worthy of comment from Brian Stelter while the Hunter Biden conflicts and “n-word” texts are not.


This didn’t go by Donald Trump, Jr. who took the half-baked potato to town. “Try to imagine one of the Trump kids dropping the n-word.”

He just nails it. But given the dishonesty of the media, I can see them going after Trump, Jr for that tweet quoting Hunter. That’s where we are in terms of media dishonesty and absurdity.


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