Prominent Liberals Go All in on the Evil of Flying the American Flag on Trucks

Prominent Liberals Go All in on the Evil of Flying the American Flag on Trucks
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We brought you the story of how New York Times editorial board member and MSNBC analyst Mara Gay went after the American flag as “just disturbing.”

The New York Times then tried to justify her comments saying they were taken out of context.

Of course, they weren’t taken out of context. They were even worse in context, with her claiming that we needed to separate America from “whiteness” and basically calling Trump supporters and frankly anyone who flew the flag on the back of a truck, a racist. The fact that the New York Times would defend the comments when they are on video says a lot about how far gone the “paper of record” is.

But this again revealed the problem that people on the left with race and white people. And others on the left doubled down on what Gay was saying, despite the New York Times effort to try to clean it all up.

Here’s Michael Harriot, senior writer for The Root.

A “different kind of white people?” No, there’s a word for this. It’s called prejudice.

Then there was Charlotte Clymer, who echoed Gay and Harriot.

Warning for graphic language.

It’s meant to convey we’re a conservative white country? Um, where does it say that on the flag? It says far more about the folks on the left who think this way and who read in their own prejudices onto the flag. Do they know that people of color can fly their flag on the back of their trucks too, and do? That people of all political stripes do? Do they understand that it says no more than the people are honoring their country? Anything else you are seeing is something that’s in your own head. Our flag and flying it on a vehicle does not mean that. They’re labeling people racist for wanting to fly the American flag, without anything more.

What this is about is a liberal elitist take on Trump supporters and Americans in general.

Then they got burnt on that ridiculous limb on which they are going out.

Warning for graphic language.

So are all those Biden folks racist insecure jerks as well? Can they explain these problematic pictures for us?

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