WATCH: NYT/MSNBC's Mara Gay Describes How 'Disturbing' American Flags Are

Mara Gay is on the New York Times editorial board. She’s also an MSNBC ‘analyst’ which apparently translates to having a free platform to spread whatever craziness pops into her head.


Gay was off to the races this morning on “Morning Joe,” as she claimed Democrats were not taking the Trump “threat” seriously and that the Democrats should go ahead on their own and form a commission on the ‘insurrection’ without the Republicans (apparently “democracy” to her means operating by fiat, without opposing viewpoints).

She claims there are “tens of millions of Trump voters” who think their rights are under threat for simply having to “share democracy with others.” “As long as they see Americanness as the same, as one, with whiteness, this is going to continue. We have to figure out how to separate America from whiteness,” she declared. Ah, yes, the old 74 million Americans are racists argument. Even if the majority of Trump voters were women and people of color. I’m just taking a wild guess that virtually all of those 74 million don’t see America as being about “whiteness.”


It seems, rather, that it’s Gay who has an issue with sharing ‘democracy’ with Trump voters and/or people who would fly American flags.

“I was on Long Island this weekend … and I was really disturbed. I saw dozens & dozens of pickup trucks w/ explicatives against Joe Biden on the back of them, Trump flags, in some cases just dozens of American flags, which, you know, is also just disturbing, because essentially, the message is clear, it was, this is my country. This is not your country. I own this.”

Yikes. This is a woman who has a pretty big platform. Yet, flying American flags is now somehow racist and evil? Excuse me, but if they’re American, it IS their country, there’s nothing inherent in that that implies “this is not your country.” If you’re reading that into it, that’s your issue, not theirs. It is your country, even if you seem to despise its symbols. Every American, of every race, gets to fly that flag if they want.

Also, the word is “expletive” not “explicative.” And last time I checked, Trump flags, Joe Biden expletives, or American flags aren’t crimes and aren’t racist. But ominously, she’s urging that something must be done about all this dangerous “threat.”


Then, Mika Brzezinski chimes in at the end, saying she totally agrees with the insanity and of course, she has a bigger platform than does Gay.

So what are they suggesting here? Rounding up all those folks on Long Island flying the American flag? Boot those journalists who she doesn’t think are completely under the spell of the liberal narrative? This is lunacy, but it’s also dangerous lunacy.


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