AOC Busts Biden/Harris -- Their Immigration Policies Are 'Not Working' and 'Inhumane'

AP Photo/Frank Franklin II

Kamala Harris finally made her trip to Guatemala and Mexico.

It didn’t go particularly well, with Harris saying she was there to talk about the “root causes” and the president of Guatemala saying that the cause was the change in policies when the Biden team came in.


Harris then also blew off questions about going to the border at least twice, first during an interview with NBC’s Lester Holt, where she cackled and said she hadn’t been to Europe either, and then one where she cackled again and seemed to confuse where she was at the moment.

She then completely shot herself in the foot with this statement, saying, “If you want to fix a problem, you have to go to where the problem exists,” despite not going to the border.

But she also hasn’t endeared herself to the leftists in her own party by finally saying “Don’t come,” to anyone thinking about entering the U.S. illegally. Until Biden/Harris change the policies, saying things like that doesn’t matter. It’s actually just performative theater for Americans to make it look like they’re discouraging it.

But even that was too much for the radical Democrats like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). She busted the immigration policies of Biden/Harris saying that they were not only not working, but were “inhumane.” Who is responsible for the people wanting to flee their countries in the Northern Triangle? It’s all the fault of the United States, according to AOC. She chastised Biden/Harris for seeming to blame Latin America for any of the problems and claimed that Harris’ remarks could be a “precursor” to violence against illegal aliens. Enforcing the law apparently is “shameful” to AOC.


So basically, what we have with the Democrats is the incompetent Biden/Harris folks who seem completely cool with illegal aliens flooding in and not doing anything to really stop it, and then you have the even further left (if that’s possible) folks for whom even that ridiculous policy isn’t enough. It’s those folks like AOC who are pushing the incompetent ones even further left. The only thing that would be acceptable to AOC is to completely eliminate any deterrence at all at the border and just let everyone stream in.

These are the folks in charge of our policy at the moment. God help us all.


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