Biden Completely Fails to Remember D-Day

Yesterday was the 77th anniversary of the D-Day invasion, one of the seminal events of the war, the storming the beaches of Normandy that led to turning the tide against the Nazis.


But that major anniversary apparently flew right past Joe Biden.

Biden didn’t tweet about it at all.

Biden did tweet about “getting America back on track.”

Of course, we weren’t off track until he came in. Now he and Democrats are trying to blow up the rules of the Senate to grab total power to derail us still further. That, I guess, is “getting back on track,” to him. Fortunately, some in his own party like Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Z) and standing up, standing in the way.

Biden also tweeted about the Tulsa Race Massacre.

Now, perhaps it was a little too much to expect a recognition from Biden, who often doesn’t seem to remember what day it is. As we previously reported, he recently seemed to think we were in the year 2024 and thought Jan. 20 was 15 months ago. So knowing what the history of June 6 is might be beyond his reach.


Although he did recognize Cinco de Mayo this year, and talk about Mexican “courage and resiliency.”

Last year, he seemed to confuse Pearl Harbor Day with D-Day, according to Fox News.

During a livestreamed discussion with Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf, Biden appeared to switch the June 6 anniversary of the Allied invasion of Nazi-occupied France in 1944 with the Dec. 7 anniversary of the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii in 1941.

Biden said his home state of Delaware “declared our independence on December the 7th, by the way. And it’s not just D-Day.”

The Biden campaign claimed he was referring to “Delaware Day,” pointing to a state government web page that says: “Since 1933, the governors of Delaware have proclaimed December 7 as Delaware Day in honor of that day in 1787, when Delaware became the first state to ratify the Federal Constitution, thus making Delaware the first state in the New Nation.”

The state website’s page about Delaware Day makes no mention of the anniversary being referred to as “D-Day.”


Biden has a staff that’s supposed to remember such things, even if he doesn’t. So the absence of recognition seems all the more pointed.

We hear the term fascism thrown around a lot today, often used falsely by those on the left against those on the right when indeed, it’s the left – Biden and the Democrats – who would like to shut down all opposition to their agenda and seize complete control.

D-Day signaled the defeat of real fascism, defeated by the courage and the sacrifice of the Greatest Generation. We need to remember it, so we recognize that sacrifice.


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