This Is Definitely the Dumbest, TDS-Infused Conspiracy Theory Ever

This Is Definitely the Dumbest, TDS-Infused Conspiracy Theory Ever
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I wondered why Hope Hicks was trending this morning on Twitter.

When I checked to find out why, I tripped over what has to be one of the dumbest, liberal Trump-related conspiracy theories of all time.

Now that says a lot, given all the dumb conspiracy theories that they’ve come up with. But I think you might agree, when you hear the TDS nonsense they were spreading.

This was spread in part by Brandon Friedman, an entrepreneur and a former Obama official — someone who has written for the New York Daily News and other publications.

Um, Brandon? You’re wrong. This is what crazy TDS does to your brain. How this guy ever got to be an entrepreneur is beyond me, when he’s so dumb as to believe and promote this stuff. But, it explains exactly how he got to be an Obama official and likely why he’s writing for liberal publications — because you don’t need sanity or reality for those jobs.

Notice the original video is from that trusted news service “AC Junior.” This is why these folks are always wrong; they have no critical thinking skills.

But, now you know why Hope Hicks was trending — because they claimed that she was needed to help Trump put his pants on correctly.

No, guys, sorry, Trump is not Joe Biden. That’s a lot of projection there.

But, they are off to the races, reality or logic be damned.

“Sulu” needs to get his eyes checked.

“Meathead” earns his name.

One of our favorite folks to skewer was, no surprise, all-in on the crazy.

Because, of course. That’s what the Lincoln Project folks do: throw anything up against the wall, if they think it can hurt Trump.

But, what this shows is just how delusional these characters all are. It’s why they all believed things like Russia collusion.

You would think they’d learn their lesson. But, that would require some self-reflection. They still are completely focusing all about their hatred of Donald Trump. They must really be worried he’s going to win again in 2024. They were literally staring at his crotch all night. How insane is that?

So, here’s a little reality for Friedman, Wilson, and the other crazy buggers that went over the slide on this. Here’s a still photo showing, yes, the pants are not on backwards. As though this should even need to be said.

Yes, they’re absolute morons.

Yeah. They’re absolutely going to lose their minds if he wins in 2024.

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