Al Jazeera Journalist Claims Injury After Arrest by Israeli Police, but the Video Leaves Us With Questions

Al Jazeera Journalist Claims Injury After Arrest by Israeli Police, but the Video Leaves Us With Questions
AP Photo/Ariel Schalit

Now, you may be aware that there’s something called “Pallywood.”

That’s where Palestinians, a la Hollywood, make up a fake claim against the Israelis. Often, it involves showing fake victims of supposed Israeli oppression.

With that prologue, I’d like to bring you this story of the Al Jazeera journalist who was arrested by the Israelis yesterday.

Now, it’s not clear what she did preceding this video, but this video is from Al Jazeera. Apparently, they think it makes her look good. On the contrary, it shows them being pretty gentle, given that she repeatedly resists being arrested, pushing the officers and even hitting out at them, while screaming and telling them not to touch her.

She’s then led to a car, after they finally manage to get the cuffs on her.

Budeiri claims the police continued to assault her in the car.

From Al Jazeera:

“They came from everywhere, I don’t know why, they kicked me to the wall,” Budeiri told Al Jazeera, moments after her release late on Saturday.

“They kicked me inside the car in a very bad way … they were kicking me from everywhere,” she said.

As you can see from what the Al Jazeera video claims is the “full video,” it doesn’t appear to me that anyone “kicked” her to the wall. They did put her against the wall, as they tried to get her hands to get the cuffs on.

Budeiri, was held for four hours before she was released, claimed she had a broken hand. Her boss blamed the police.

You can see the large cast that goes up her left arm.

So now, we have a few questions about all this. Because these are some of the pictures immediately after her release.

Notice she’s holding her phone here, apparently without problem. In that hand.

How about this one? Watch at the beginning of the video, as she uses her left hand to run through her hair, it seeming to have no injury.

Then this, lifting up two kids, having them tug on her hand, all while holding her phone in the allegedly affected hand.

Something seems just a bit off here. Perhaps Al Jazeera would like to explain this and produce the x-rays? If not, it’s a miracle.

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