Rand Paul Has the Perfect Response to Fauci's Book Being Pulled from Pre-Sale

Rand Paul Has the Perfect Response to Fauci's Book Being Pulled from Pre-Sale
Expect the Unexpected by Dr. Anthony Fauci

As we previously reported, just as all these emails were released and blowing up across the Internet, Dr. Anthony Fauci’s book was listed for was listed for pre-sale on Amazon. Now that’s some kind of timing. But because of all the furor over the emails, not to mention the unseemly nature of having a book about the pandemic while we’re still in it, the publisher, National Geographic pulled the pre-sale, saying it had been done “prematurely.”

National Geographic said they had been putting out the book in conjunction with a documentary they were doing on Fauci. The title of the book is, “Expect the Unexpected.” Isn’t that the perfect title? Because we surely did get the “unexpected” when it came to both the pandemic and Fauci’s response. National Geographic claimed, “He will not earn any royalties from its publication.” But as my colleague Brad Slager observed, this doesn’t necessarily mean that Fauci’s not making money for it, it means he isn’t getting royalties for the publication. Unfortunately given the nature of all this, we can’t take that assertion at face value, because we can’t take anything connected with him at face value. Is he getting paid for appearing in the documentary? Did he get an advance on the book?

Townhall gives a peak into the book’s own gag-worthy description of what it is about.

“In his own words, world-renowned infectious disease specialist Anthony Fauci shares the lessons that have shaped his life philosophy, offering an intimate view of one of the world’s greatest medical minds as well as universal advice to live by,” the overview says. “Sure to strike a chord with readers, the inspiring words of wisdom in this book are centered around life lessons compiled from hours of interviews, offering a concrete path to a bright and hopeful future.”

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), Dr. Anthony Fauci’s fiercest critic, had the perfect response to the news about the book.

“Oh, I don’t know. I think they should publish it,” Paul tweeted today, sharing the Townhall story.

“I love science fiction,” Paul joked, mocking Fauci.

Paul ripped Fauci to shreds last night during in interview with Fox’s Laura Ingraham, so much so that Laura Ingraham posted the video of the interview and speculated, “Are Fauci’s days numbered [in this job]?”

Of course, his days might be numbered in his job if there was justice. But we’ve seen so many times no consequences for any bad actions, it doesn’t really depend on truth or how much evidence might be out there. It depends on people crashing the boards and demanding action. People need to do that now for something that had so much harmful impact on Americans, we needs to all stand in the breach, demanding hearings and results.

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