Poll: Looks Like the Effort to Crush the Lab Leak Theory in People's Minds Is a Colossal Failure

What a difference a year makes.

Media, Big Tech, and folks in power like Dr. Anthony Fauci went all-in to squash any thought of the virus being the result of a lab leak or any of the other theories people were postulating about it.


It’s now a year later, and the veil over the subject has been ripped away, with media finally reporting on it all. Our own Scott Hounsell has been doing bang-up reporting and you can see his latest here on the cover-up.

Now, polls are showing that finally hearing the evidence that is out there is having an effect on Americans.

According to the latest Economist/YouGov survey, most Americans now believe that the virus was developed in a Wuhan lab. 58% now believe it, as opposed to 49% a year ago. Even a year ago, with media all declaiming against it, people were sifting through everything and many were still believing it.

Since Biden has now okayed a further look into the question (after quietly trying to shut down an investigation of it in the State Department), that has also seemed to green-light the issue for more Democrats to accept it as well. 43% of Democrats are now on board with the idea that it may have started in a lab.

Independents told the tale again, with 65% of Independents now believing it.


The bat theory has taken a real hit, with only 13% believing that it was spread by bats as the Chinese initially said.

From Washington Examiner:

“When it comes to the more specific circumstances of the virus’ emergence, 24% think it was created in a laboratory and was released on purpose, 18% think it was lab-created and escaped by accident, while a further 12% think it was a naturally occurring disease that was being examined in a laboratory but was released by accident. Only 13% agree with what has been the scientific community’s most common explanation for the origin of the virus: that it occurred naturally in the wild and mutated to a human infection,” it said.

Can we say huge colossal failure? It may have taken a year, but now people are finally getting after it and if media and officials had any credibility left — and for most people, they didn’t — this probably did-in the last shred of it. How you can sit on the story after all the damage wrought from all this is just unconscionable.


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