Jen Psaki Claims You're Not Seeing What You Think You Are With Those Rising Gas Prices

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If you’ve been checking the gas pump and noticing the rising prices as we hit Memorial Day weekend, don’t worry. According to Jen Psaki, you’re really not seeing what you think you’re seeing. Pay no attention to the evidence of your own eyes.


According to Psaki, those rising prices you’re seeing really aren’t so bad — and certainly not Joe Biden’s fault.

From The Hill:

White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Friday said that gas prices have “stabilized” and defended them as “well in line” with recent decades as they reached the highest prices since 2014 ahead of Memorial Day weekend.

“As Americans are hitting the road, they are paying less in real terms for gas than they have on average over the last 15 years — and they’re paying about the same as they did in May 2018 and May 2019,” Psaki said in a statement.

“While prices have increased from the lows last year — as demand drastically dipped — prices at just about $3 per gallon are still well in line with what they’ve been in recent decades,” she added.

She claimed they “stabilized,” in part, due to “the administration’s aggressive, whole-of-government response to the unprecedented shutdown of that pipeline.”

Just exactly what did they do, besides not tell us for days that a ransom was paid? I’m sure none of this rise in prices had anything at all to do with Biden’s anti-energy policies and doing things like shutting down the Keystone XL Pipeline.


Translation and clearing away all the spin of her answer? The gas prices are the highest they’ve been since 2014, when we had to deal with Obama/Biden. So yes, Jen Psaki in “real terms,” we are paying more, and we can feel it every time we fill up.

Indeed, they were averaging $2.40 at the end of January and are now averaging $3.04 nationally, according to AAA. I can do the math on that, and so can most Americans, Joe Biden and Jen Psaki, and all the talk about averages over the last 15 years doesn’t make that look any better. They started going up long before the cyberattack on the pipeline. A year ago, the average was at $1.972

While one might argue that the number from a year ago was due to lower demand because of the pandemic, the average has gone up more than sixty cents since Biden came in. Because people have been locked down in many places for so long, they aren’t letting the prices keep them in, and so, some of the experts are also concerned about the supply being tight in places because of the demand this weekend and during the summer.

Here’s where the prices averages stand right now across the country, so you can check out how your area is doing compared to the rest of the country.


James Woods, who lives in California, which has some of the highest prices in the nations, summed it up for all of us.


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