This May Be the Worst Take on Why Media Shouldn't Be Talking About Lab Leak Theory

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There have been a lot of bad media takes on the Wuhan lab leak theory. It probably would be hard to pick the worst hot take because there have been so many bad ones.


But there’s no doubt that the take from New York Times reporter Apoorva Mandavilli would have to be right up there somewhere at the top of the list.

“Someday we will stop talking about the lab leak theory and maybe even admit its racist roots. But alas, that day is not here yet.”

There’s a lot of bad packed in that one short tweet. Mandavilli later deleted the tweet after getting backlash for how bad it was.

First, how is the lab leak theory racist? It doesn’t even make any sense. Or is that just the way of ignoring or papering over anything that might have to do with holding China accountable and toting water for the CCP?

Second, why would you want to “stop talking about it?” If it’s the truth, it’s an incredibly serious issue. Our Scott Hounsell has written extensively on a lot of the evidence. Shouldn’t your first obligation as a reporter be to want to get to the truth, whatever the politics? But no, because somehow media has politicized everything in regard to the virus, they’ve politicized even this question and that’s why this question has languished without the media attention it deserved for more than a year.


But perhaps the worst thing about her take is she’s not just a random New York Times reporter. According to her profile, she’s writing “mainly on COVID.”

Mandavilli actually contributed to a March 26 story about the origins of the virus that did talk about opinions on the possibility of a lab leak.

So you have a reporter who’s supposed to actually be reporting on this topic saying she isn’t even interested in exploring evidence about its origin.

That’s a serious problem and pretty much sums up where journalism in liberal media is at this point.

It isn’t based on facts or truth — it’s all about team politics. It’s about whatever the liberal mantra/Democratic position is, regardless of the truth. Because President Donald Trump spoke about it, it was automatically something to be attacked. The liberal media, always acting as an arm of the Democratic Party was so infected with Trump hate, they refused to look at the evidence just because Trump talked about it. That should be a huge scandal by all rights over something so serious.


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