Chris Cuomo Tells Bald Faced Lie About Government and the Lab Leak Theory

If CNN were an honest news organization, they would have fired Chris Cuomo ages ago because he is just not a serious or trustworthy journalist.

Cuomo just proved that again, in spades.


On Wednesday night, Cuomo claimed on his shows that the Wuhan lab leak theory was a “newer notion” that “the government had not been open to the lab theory” previously.

“That is why it’s so politically charged. It was dismissed as a conspiracy early on,” Cuomo claimed.

“Why is it politically charged?” Cuomo asked. “Because Trumpers, who were complicit in playing down the pandemic reality in America are now seeing more interest in the China lab theory as some kind of vindication, enough to play ‘I told you so’ with Fauci.”

This guy. Either he’s incredibly stupid or he’s incredibly dishonest. Actually, I think it’s both.

First of all, the lab leak theory has been out there since at least April of last year — the intelligence community was open to it and was investigating it at that time. I mentioned it at the time.


Not only was the Trump administration looking into it, Cuomo himself acknowledged the theory, claiming then it was something to watch.

Does he not remember his own show? Or does he just not watch his show, like the rest of us?

The “politicization” didn’t come from the Trumpers. It came from Democrats and media who were doing all they could to attack President Donald Trump over the virus and they didn’t want anything to deflect from that aim. They didn’t want to hear anything that might say anything different. So the lab leak theory became a “conspiracy theory.” On Tuesday, he basically admitted it was all about Trump, saying that the right was concerned about the theory. “Why? Because the more that this is about China being sneaky, the less it is about our leadership failing under Trump,” the CNN anchor claimed. No, turn that around and leave out the racism implicit in his comment, that’s why Democrats didn’t want to hear about the lab leak theory, because they wanted to make it all about Trump.


It wasn’t new and the Trump administration had been looking into it for awhile. Until the Biden folks shut down the investigation. It was the Biden people who downplayed it, stopping a State Department investigation into the question this spring that had begun under Trump. They are only just now acknowledging it as a possibility.


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