WaPo Journalist Busts Biden for Thwarting Congressional Inquiry and 'Passing Buck' on Lab Leak Theory

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We’ve been justifiably critical of a lot of the media coverage in regard to their coverage of the Wuhan coronavirus.

But when even a Washington Post journalist is calling Joe Biden out for thwarting the investigation into the Wuhan lab leak theory, you know it’s bad for the Biden folks and they are in deep trouble.


Josh Rogin wrote a great opinion piece blasting the Biden Team for “passing the buck” for the investigation into the origins of the virus to the World Health Organization, calling it “a recipe for delay and probable failure. This neglect further endangers our national security and public health.” He explained how even Psaki had admitted that WHO screwed up the “phase one” study mission when they issued a flawed report. As I wrote earlier, there are a lot of questions, and WHO cannot be trusted. I busted the WHO in what seems to be an out-and-out falsehood. The Biden team should be demanding answers from the WHO, not surrendering the investigation to them.

Rogin also noted how Psaki downplayed the evidence about the three researchers from the Wuhan Institute of Virology getting sick with COVID symptoms, saying the evidence didn’t come from U.S. sources.

“What we do share — everyone in this country — is a desire to know how this started, where it started, and prevent it from ever happening again,” she said. “That’s something we all share.”

Of course everyone shares the “desire” to solve the covid origin question; that’s not the issue. The question is whether the Biden administration is actually going to do what it can to investigate. So far it seems the Biden team is all talk, no action.


We’re so used to seeing no follow-up from media, that actual legitimate truthful blasting of Biden’s failure to act is stunning and may mean he isn’t going to get cover on this issue.

Rogin even takes it a step further, blasting Biden for “thwarting Congressional inquiries.”

If the administration doesn’t want to press China directly or start its own international investigation, the least it can do is cooperate with congressional requests for relevant information that’s in the possession of the U.S. government. But several U.S. government agencies are ignoring or resisting congressional attempts to seek answers.

Requests to the NH for all its related work got a two-page response that didn’t answer any of the Congressional questions. Requests in March to EcoHealth Alliance, and in May to Secretary of State Antony Blinken, to ask for related records got no response.

Rogin also blows up the claim that you can only get information through international agencies, citing Richard Ebright, a biosafety expert and microbiologist at Rutgers University, who said, “Many threads of investigation are available in US and would be accessible to a Congressional inquiry with subpoena power.”

The problem, of course, is that Democrats have control of Congress. So if they don’t pursue an inquiry and the Biden Team is stymying one in the executive branch, it becomes a real issue to get the truth out.


If you are now willing to admit the lab-leak theory is worthy of investigation, no matter what you thought before or how you got here, you ought to also recognize that an investigation into this theory must begin immediately and can’t be palmed off onto the WHO. There is no problem more urgently in need of thorough and critical scrutiny. The longer the Biden administration ducks the issue, the harder it will be to solve.

But as I previously said, the question is do they want the truth? Because it sure looking like not only do they not want the truth, but that they are doing all they can to stop it from coming out.


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