Palestinian Mob Spits on Jewish Diners at Restaurant in NYC

AP Photo/Mark Lennihan

As we reported last night, there was a huge group of Palestinian protesters around Times Square and the Diamond District yesterday, going after Jewish protesters and attacking Jewish people in the street.


We wrote about how the police had to hold back the crowd at one point, but it got out of hand, including an instance where someone was clearly hurt on the ground and other people had to scatter because of another incendiary device.

According to the police, two commercial-grade fireworks were thrown from a car with Palestinian flags. One woman suffered burns to her lower back from the firework exploding. Rioters also threw water bottles and other projectiles at cops and tried to block traffic by pushing over planters and barriers. Law enforcement said that at least 19 people were taken into custody.

There’s more troubling video this morning of what went down yesterday and it shows the Palestinian group as it moved through Midtown spitting on Jewish diners at a restaurant with outdoor tables. They also try to climb over the barrier into the restaurant area.

Warning for very graphic language.

You can see them spitting at the diners, even spitting on top of the woman’s head. Incredibly vile and disgusting.


The waiters, God bless them, try to intercede and block the crazy people away from hurting the diners. Heroes don’t always wear capes — in this case, they wore aprons. The restaurant was Benjamin’s Steakhouse Prime on 40th Street, so hopefully, they earn some more customers for the fine effort they made to protect their customers.

The police, who apparently were at the back of the mob as they moved through the street, then interceded and moved them away from the diners. Were any of these characters arrested? And why were they letting the mob roam through the area attacking people? As we previously noted, this wasn’t the first incident, so they should have been more proactive with a group they knew was a huge issue.



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