Dems Spread 'Capitol Police Statement' Before Vote on 1/6 Commission but There Was One Big Problem

Democrats were trying to push through the vote on a “Jan. 6 Commission” today in the House.

They succeeded, with 35 Republicans crossing over to vote in favor of it, not seeming to care that it’s going to be a “bash Republicans” effort, rather than any sort of real investigation. There are already multiple investigations going on, so there wasn’t any need for an additional. This is simply an opportunity for Democrats to bash Republicans.


How do we know how biased this will be? Because we can already see how slimy Democrats are being about it.

Right before the vote on the Commission, the office of Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-RI) tried to spread a letter to members of Congress purportedly from “members of the Capitol Police” on Capitol Police letterhead. The letter claimed that the officers were upset with the position that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy had taken against the Commission.

Politico then reported the letter was from the Capitol Police.

Except there was a small problem with this whole letter, as the Capitol Police explain: It didn’t come from them.


The Capitol Police made it clear that it “wasn’t an official statement.” Not to mention, they couldn’t even confirm any of their people wrote it  — and they do NOT take positions on legislation.

A CNN reporter said one officer was behind it, with that officer claiming he represented others. Yeah, that sounds reliable and not at all political or prompted by Democrats.

Police don’t take positions on political legislation and they know better than to do so. Except when Democrats try to manipulate the situation right before a vote. Reminder that Raskin was the lead House Manager trying to impeach President Donald Trump and isn’t above sliminess.

But that didn’t stop the fake story from going everywhere while the correction got far less attention.


Interesting question, isn’t it?


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