10-Year-Old Who Made Epic Remarks to School Board About Mask Mandate Scores Big Win

Mike Provenzano and his son, John on Brian Kilmeade's show. Credit: Fox News.

We brought you the story of John Provenzano, a 10-year-old Florida elementary school student who stood up at his school district’s board meeting and delivered amazing remarks calling the mask mandate in his school unfair and calling on his school to make masks optional.


I think it’s important to hear from the kids who have been affected by what’s been going on in the schools. Apparently, we weren’t the only folks who thought so, because the boy was also invited to be on Tucker Carlson’s show with his dad, Mike Provenzano. In addition to making his points about the mask mandate, John also hilariously mimicked his teachers — how they yelled at the kids and then didn’t wear their masks themselves, how his own teacher didn’t recognize him outside of school because she’d never seen him without his mask.

The boy also appeared with his dad and mom, Erica, with Brian Kilmeade today. “I wanted to take a stand,” young John said, saying the other kids were not happy either. “Nowhere close to happy.” He called wearing the masks “dehumanizing.”

Mike Provenzano spoke more about how the school district had removed him during the board meeting, that the school district “had the police remove” him from the meeting saying he “trespassed” because he went over his speaking time. He said he now believed he has been banned from future school board meetings. He said that the school board was “out of touch” and wanted to “silence and remove people who don’t agree” with them. He said they haven’t had a COVID case in his son’s school in over 11 weeks. He said they’d been asking what needed to happen before they went to mask optional and he wasn’t getting clear answers.


Erica Provenzano made the interesting point, “In my children’s school, they can’t put sunblock on my child without my permission, they can’t give them Tylenol without my permission,” Erica Provenzano said, reacting to the statement from the school district. “Except they can give us masks if you don’t have a mask,” her son added.

The counterpoint to all this is that while Florida eliminated any COVID-related mandates, yet you still have had the mask mandate in the schools for this year. So you have the odd juxtaposition of kids and adults potentially going without masks, except in the schools.

But John’s voice may have had a good effect on the school district.

According to Fox, following his remarks, the board took a vote. While they voted to keep the masks for the remaining 12 days of the school year, masks will become optional starting June 1.

Now, while it’s not clear how much John’s words might have influenced the vote, it’s clear that the decision is a big win for John and his friends. It’s hard not to be moved by the power of his words.


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