PBS Reporter Pressures Jen Psaki Over New CDC Guidance, Showing It Was Never About the Science

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

We’ve been covering the new CDC guidance in regard to mask wearing — basically, that you no longer have to wear a mask if you have been vaccinated unless there are local or state ordinances or businesses requiring it.

But what’s been so astounding about it is that the folks on left have become so hidebound to the wearing of the mask and the virtue-signaling concerning it, that even now that the official “science” has determined that they don’t have to if vaccinated, they still want to wear that mask. Not only that, but that they’re upset at the CDC for announcing this. So much for the science.

Take Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, for example, as my colleague Sister Toldjah reported. She’s vaccinated, yet she’s still going to wear her mask.

During the White House press briefing today, Yamiche Alcindor gave another golden example of that during her questioning of Jen Psaki. Her questions were all about questioning the CDC guidance.

She said the largest national nurses’ union was concerned about the new guidance that it was “putting frontline workers and especially people of color at risk,” that they were calling on the CDC to reverse that.

Well, if that’s the science, how do they reverse the science? If you want to wear a mask, wear the mask, but that’s the science. And just exactly what does this have to do with race? Is the virus racist? Did Yamiche Alcindor just imply the CDC is racist?

Alcindor then said she talked to “some people” who were concerned about the fact that we’re operating on an “honor system” in some ways with all this and that some places like Walmart and Target there are already starting to be rule changes based on the CDC guidance. Yes, and so? There should be. If you’re vaccinated, why are you concerned?

Psaki gives actually a pretty good response, but Alcindor then gets to the heart of her concern: that you’re “trusting Americans all over this country to follow those guidelines.” How dare you trust Americans?! How dare they have responsibility for their own health?! How dare the government not dictate?! Um, yes, as in fact, we always have in society, at least prior to the past year.

By the way, if she’s that worried or wanting to virtue signal, why isn’t she wearing a mask in the briefing room? It sure looks like she’s now dropping it because of the CDC guidance. So what’s the real issue here?

You want to virtue signal? Feel free. Wear a mask if you’re vaccinated. Wear two or three. Wear them until the cows come home.

But don’t foist that on other people and the “science” isn’t requiring that. And yes, stunningly, people have responsibility for themselves; the government does not control us.