Offshoot of Lincoln Project to Target Kids for Civics Education

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The Lincoln Project’s whole scummy existence was based around going after President Donald Trump and suckering Democrats into shooting them money as the “Republican group that was against Trump.”


But with Trump no longer in office, there’s no longer any reason to funnel these characters money. Particularly not after the scandal involving John Weaver and young men and boys.

So it was pretty clear that they would be dead in the water going into the future.

Unless they came up with another “project.”

Voila, here’s the new “project” being pitched. Just remember, it’s completely distinct from the old scandal-filled project. Oh, and it’s aimed at least in part at kids. Yikes.

From Axios:

An offshoot of the Lincoln Project is launching Tuesday, aiming to unify people opposed to partisan dysfunction and authoritarianism through civics education and grassroots organizing, Axios has learned.

Why it matters: The Franklin Project, while a nonprofit and legally distinct from its predecessor, will target “the exact same problem … but from different angles and with different methods,” says co-executive director Greg Jenkins, a George W. Bush administration alumnus.

The Franklin Project will be a 501(c)(4) nonprofit.

The new “project” plans to develop a civics education program targeted toward K-12 that they will offer schools for free. They also want to establish a “Democracy Corps,” a local movement to spread across the nation “that will advocate for and amplify the values upon which America was founded.”


The old project is claiming this is all about “civility.”

Now, normally, I’d be the first one on board with promoting greater civics education for kids. It’s desperately needed.

But any connection to the folks from the Lincoln Project who trashed civility for the past few years makes this a pretty laughable effort. And claiming it will be against “partisan dysfunction” when the Lincoln Project was all about pushing partisanship is more than hard to believe.

Let’s sample a little of the Lincoln Project’s high-minded “civility.”

But that was pretty much just their normal stock in trade, nothing really all that unusual for them.

Meanwhile, Brian Schwartz of CNBC is raising questions about this new “project.”


Schwartz is alleging it has the exact same leadership as Project Yellowstone.

Thinking this is one group of folks of which we’ve more than had enough, no matter how they brand themselves.


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