Townhall Reporter Levels 'The Intercept' After It Attacks Conservative Reporting on BLM/Antifa

AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez

I’ve been doing a lot of coverage on the BLM and Antifa riots over the past year. But I’ve actually been covering leftist protest movements for years, going back beyond Occupy. It’s an area I know very well.


I have a lot of respect for my brethren who have been out there on the line for the past year, wading into the fray to get the shots on which we’ve been reporting. The reason you’re able to see a lot of this is because of the work of folks like our Townhall Media colleague Julio Rosas, as well as other folks such as Jorge Ventura, Richie McGinniss, Shelby Talcott, Brendan Gutenschwager, Drew Hernandez, and Elijah Schaffer, among others.

Now, a lot of these stories should be getting covered by the major networks and some of them are. But often what you see is spin or downplaying what’s actually going on, the “mostly peaceful protest” take. Flames going up in the background, while folks from MSNBC and CNN try to tell you that you’re not really seeing what you know you’re seeing. Folks like Rosas are giving you the good, the bad, and the ugly on what’s happening, whatever that is.

But some on the left are unhappy that Rosas and friends are doing that coverage. So now they’re trying to smear the guys behind the coverage, like Rosas.

Check out this video from “The Intercept,” which paints the reporters as the “right-wing riot squad” trying to “smear” the BLM. How dare those guys shoot those videos that show what the BLM and Antifa actually do!


It basically accuses the reporters of selective coverage. Meanwhile, the report itself cherry-picks and spins various incidents that have happened over the past year. They’re disturbed that Rosas would cover what would otherwise be a “local news story.” Why? Because you say so? Because you don’t want it covered? Come on, man (in my best Joe Biden voice)! At every turn, “The Intercept” report puts in spin words – such as “handful of activists” and “isolated images” – to downplay those hundreds of images that we’ve seen. Apparently, we didn’t see those hundreds of law enforcement and/or federal agents assaulted, including those assaulted in Portland, it was really those evil characters attacking those poor innocent “protesters.” “And in many cases in which there was violence, it was inflicted on protesters, either by the police or right-wing vigilantes.”

“The Intercept” piece of course also tries to suggest the reporters are racist. “This coverage has come to dominate the right-wing narrative in a new way, flipping the script to suggest that Black protesters — demonstrating because they fear police violence — are themselves a threat to white people,” it says quoting a “media scholar.” This again is a ridiculous canard and shows ignorance of the BLM movement as well, as these reporters and most who cover it, know BLM folks on the ground are largely white radicals. So this doesn’t even make sense, in addition to the fact that it’s a smear job.


I could say a lot about how disgusting this attack is on these guys who are doing their job.

But let’s hear from Julio Rosas because he says it perhaps more succinctly.

They were basically not even acting in accordance with the first basic rule of journalism – asking your subject for his comment.

Shh, they’re on a smear job roll; they don’t care about the truth.


Well said, my Townhall brother.


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