Biden Makes Bizarre Contradictory Statements About His Proposed Tax Increases

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Joe Biden was out today, pitching his infrastructure plan.

Biden didn’t appear to have a teleprompter, so all he had to do was read his script. But he still was having great difficulty making sense.

Listen as he tries to pitch the completely contradictory statement that raising taxes on Americans “doesn’t cost anyone anything.”

That’s a pretty neat trick. Wonder what the people who get slapped with more taxes would think about that claim? Not to mention that the corporate tax increases would kill jobs and tank the economy. But again, to Biden, it wouldn’t “cost anyone anything.”

But that wasn’t the only contradiction that Biden pitched during his remarks. He claimed that raising the corporate tax rate would at the same time lower it in a bizarre statement that made no sense.

“The plan that I put forward meets the middle class and raises corporate rate,” Biden declared. “It also lowers it – where – lower than any point in, since World War II. And it’s going to generate $90 billion dollars each year, hundreds of thousands of jobs. We’re going to put a lot of folks to work.”

How does it raise it and lower it at the same time? And if he’s raising it, how could that raise make it “lower than any point…since World War II?” Further, how does raising the corporate tax rate create “hundreds of thousands of jobs?” The only thing that raising the corporate rate would do would be to kill jobs.

The whole remark doesn’t even make any sense to begin with. “The plan I put forward meets the middle class?” What does that even mean?

Biden really has no idea what he’s saying here, he just knows there are certain words he has to use like “creates jobs” whatever he’s saying, whether or not it makes sense in the context of what’s being said.

His issues seem to be ramping up. As we reported two days ago, he told Americans they should go to “vaccine.cum” to learn more about getting a vaccine and confused the CDC with the CCD (the Catholic religious instruction program). Both interesting things, but hardly interchangeable. Last week, during the 50th Anniversary of Amtrak, Biden told a story about the encounter he had with a train conductor. Except as we pointed out, it could never have happened the way he claimed, so he had to have made it up. It’s more than a little troubling when you have the guy who has the nuclear codes having all these concerning issues.