WH Reporters Openly Fall All Over Themselves to Praise Jen Psaki

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

CNN’s Chris Cillizza is fond of telling us that media doesn’t take a side.

But we’ve seen over and over again how untrue this is, how liberal media is constantly taking a side.

They proved it once again when White House reporters weighed in on Jen Psaki. Indeed, the description of their comments about her reveal they’ve completely given up any pretense of being objective.

From Mediaite:

Reporters say Jen Psaki has given them a White House press secretary they can champion.

Members of the White House press corps made the remarks for a Washingtonian report published on Wednesday, which honed in on the “awkward feeling of rooting” for the spokesperson reporters are general expected to scrutinize. “She takes questions from everybody,” chief ABC News Washington correspondent Jon Karl mused to the publication. “She doesn’t get rattled. She doesn’t lose her cool.”

“She’s a pro, you know?” chief New York Times White House correspondent Peter Baker added.

“She’s like any other competent, professional, pleasant, lovely press person from any other era,” added a White House reporter who wasn’t named. The reporter said Psaki had a “sunny” demeanor that made reporters “feel good about their interactions,” adding, “She’s never going to be super-helpful, and that’s frustrating, but that’s kind of her job. It’s one of those weird things where you leave the process feeling good about it even though, when you hang up the phone, you realize: F—, she said nothing helpful.”

Pro tip? You’re not supposed to be there to “champion” a press secretary. You’re supposed to be there to scrutinize her. Do these folks — like the person who made the last comment — understand they’re revealing that they don’t know they’re job and they’re failing at it?

But it’s all cool, doing their job doesn’t really matter now, because of the magical “D” providing protection for the administration. When they agree with the guy in power, the liberal reporters are not going to hold him, or his agents like Psaki, to any great standard.

Psaki was even praised by Jessica Goldstein, the Washingtonian contributing editor who did the report. “In her first three months on the job, White House press secretary Jen Psaki has yet to be caught in an unhinged lie or spontaneous infomercial,” Goldstein claimed.

Has Goldstein actually been watching the same briefings we have? Apparently not. Psaki has told countless lies/informercials, the latest blaming the surge at the border on the Trump Administration. She just confessed today that they try to keep Joe Biden from answering questions. That’s a major thing that should concern reporters.

But, in order to see the lies and question the manipulation, you actually have to do your job and commit journalism. So, I get why they don’t see the lies.

Well, they torched it by both, but I get his point.

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