Texas Dem Busts Biden Regime for Misleading Story About 'Empty' Migrant Facility

The Biden regime has been trying to suggest that they are making headway on the border crisis the last couple of days. As evidence of that, they released some pictures of the Donna border patrol facility in Texas which had been overcrowded with kids on top of each other previously, now appearing almost empty, according to Fox.


Except a Texas Democrat who has been very critical of the Biden regime’s approach to the border, Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX), busted this story.

When the Biden team first came in, Cuellar warned the Biden team of what was to come and what he was hearing on the ground, but he said that they ignored him.

Now he’s dropping the dime on them again.

“All they’re doing is, they’re moving kids from one tent to the other tent and saying, ‘Oh, they’re not in the Border Patrol (custody),’” Cuellar said, according to Border Report.

The youths were relocated to nearby tents operated by the Department of Health and Human Services, the congressman told the outlet.

“But they’re right next door,” Cuellar added about the migrants. “They’re just next door in HHS.”

Sleight-of-hand. Let’s increase the “tents” we call under the rubric of Health and Human Services, and voila! No more kids under border patrol control, even though the same kids are just in other tents on the same compound.

Cuellar is the vice-chair of the House Appropriations Homeland Security Subcommittee. According to Fox, citing Border Report, Cuellar has visited the facility in Donna several times since Biden came in and has previously reported how they keep adding tents to deal with the inflow.

According to Border Report, Cuellar told them the Donna facility grows each week and five tents were recently added for HHS staff to hold and care for unaccompanied migrant youth, adding that each tent has the capacity to hold about 1,500 children.


So what looks like one area under the CBP rubric with fewer people might just be an indication of more tents going up under the HHS designation.

After DHS was pushed for an answer, they confirmed that the children were, in fact, in HHS custody, as Cuellar had said, but they wouldn’t confirm exactly where they were.

Border Report on Wednesday revisited the compound and noted how it has grown since it was built in early February. Now, every corner of what used to be farm fields is full of white tents and everything is surrounded by black fencing that prevents anyone outside from looking in.

Charter and large buses bringing migrants and taking them out run constantly, and parking lot workers use construction flags to help the ebb and flow of traffic in and out.

That report and Cuellar’s comments clearly show that while the Biden team is trying to sell us a story, there’s still a big problem going on at the border.


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