Dem Henry Cuellar Drops a Dime on What the Biden Team Did When He Warned Them About Border Crisis

Imagine how challenging the border crisis is for the folks who have to deal with it on the border.

One of those people who sees how bad it is is Dem. Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX). He’s one of the reasons we finally had the first pictures of the bad conditions in the overcrowded CBP facilities where they are holding many of the unaccompanied minors. Cuellar was let in to view the Donna, TX facility and he released the pics taken at the facility.


Gotta hand it to Cuellar, he’s prioritizing his country right now. Any of those trying to sling the bull about what’s going on or blame President Donald Trump should listen to what Cuellar is saying. Paging the WaPo folks like Jen Rubin, no, it’s not just Republicans saying this. Yes, it is a real crisis.

Cuellar also dropped a dime on what the Biden White House did when he called them and warned about the brewing crisis a week after Biden got in. He said he warned them within a week of inauguration what he was hearing on the ground. He was ignored.

That wasn’t all. Cuellar has been trying to tell any media that would listen that what Biden has done is a bad message, it needs to change, encouraging people to come and they’re not moving fast enough to stop it.


Cuellar himself also confirmed something we previously reported that now they’re just releasing people without even a court date into the U.S., no testing or anything. “That is unprecedented.”

Cuellar asked the teens who entered illegally what they had heard, and they didn’t hear anything about not coming, like the Biden team claimed they were doing.

Further, Cuellar said they’re getting here through the criminal cartels and human trafficking groups, which are now making a ton of money, Cuellar mentioned $6000/person and said with 100,000 people coming in February, “do the math.” They “are using the messaging from the Biden administration and turning that to their advantage.”

Cuellar made clear in another interview what he thought the Biden people needed to do to change the messaging.


Of course, that’s if you’re thinking logically and assuming you want to stop the surge.

But not at all sure that the Biden folks do want to stop it. They want to stop getting criticized over it, definitely, but Biden himself said that he wanted people to surge to the border. It would seem that this was in fact the plan. They just have no idea how to handle it. However, Cuellar noted that they haven’t called him back since he released the pictures. So much for transparency.


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