WaPo's Glenn Kessler Goes After Tim Scott Again, With the Same Bad Results

Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) must have really hit the Democrats where it hurts in delivering his response to Joe Biden’s address to Congress because some Democrats and media can’t seem to stop going after him.


There were a lot of terrible attacks, as we reported, including calling him “Uncle Tom” and folks on the left trending “Uncle Tim” on Twitter.

One truly horrible take was from the Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler. As my colleague Sister Toldjah explained, Kessler questioned Scotts’ story about his grandfather picking cotton, saying Scott had an ancestor who owned a lot of land.

Shameless attack. Translation: your family really wasn’t as oppressed as you claim. Imagine thinking this is a good idea to write, especially when an ancestor owning land doesn’t rebut Scott’s story that his grandfather picked cotton.


But even after getting a huge backlash, which was so deserved, Kessler is still pushing after Scott.

According to Newsbusters, NPR actually gave Kessler eight minutes of airtime on “All Things Considered” to make his “case” suggesting somehow Scott’s family story was exaggerated. The title of the story was “Journalist Digs Into Sen. Tim Scott’s ‘Tidy’ Origin Story After Comments On Racism.” The host, Michel Martin, said Kessler was probing Scott’s “so-called origin story.”

Martin mentioned the criticism that had been leveled against Kessler’s hit piece from people as politically disparate as Nikki Haley to Bakari Sellers

MARTIN: The former South Carolina governor, the former U.N. ambassador, Nikki Haley, called the piece shameful. She said on Twitter, when minorities refuse to be victims, disagree with liberal talking points and think for ourselves, the media shames us and questions our credibility. But Bakari Sellers, a Democrat, a former South Carolina legislator — and many people probably see him as a political commentator on CNN — also tweeted, you know, who thought this was a good idea?


But Martin professed not to understand why anyone would object to Kessler’s story since “genealogy shows” are “quite popular.” Maybe look to her own comments, calling it a “so-called origin story” or the way nothing he says has really disputed what Scott said, yet here we are with him still trying to suggest the story is “tidy.”

Let’s not pretend that this isn’t an attack, cloaked in a “fact check.” Maybe if they went after Democrats with a similar fervor, we might actually believe it’s not an attack.

Kessler then really had some gall, suggesting that the backlash from people upset with his story was actually an effort by Republicans to stop him from looking into Scott. At what point did Bakari Sellers become right-wing? Maybe if Kessler listened more to the criticism, he might understand the problem. But interestingly, Kessler revealed the real reason for the concern.

Well, you know, I think a lot of this is just politics. I mean, the word racist, which appeared in a number of right-wing publications, it seems to be intended to make a reporter think twice about conducting a detailed examination of Senator Scott or his background. We investigate the backgrounds of white politicians all the time. And certainly someone who is a potential candidate for president or vice president should expect a high degree of scrutiny.


Potential candidate for president or vice president? When did Tim Scott declare those intentions? So you’re saying that’s why you would go after someone? Perhaps that explains the effort of some in media against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis who has frequently been bandied about as a possible future candidate for president.


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