Americans Call B.S. on CBS Poll Claiming 85% Approve of Biden Speech

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Democrats are all rabidly promoting a CBS poll about the reaction to Joe Biden’s speech before Congress tonight. The poll claimed that 85% of the viewers they surveyed approved of Biden’s speech.


Here’s Fang Fang’s ex-boyfriend, Rep. Eric “I wouldn’t give anyone a straight answer about her” Swalwell (D-CA), pushing this nonsense.

The number 85% was even trending on Twitter for a period of time today.

Now, we can say a lot about polls, but 85% is North Korea level propaganda. It’s so high you know that there’s a problem. This is basically CBS trying to shill for the Democrats. They tried to sell that Americans saw Biden as “unifying” and “inspirational.” This is Joe Biden, guys, you can’t sell that here.

Listen as CBS tells us they spoke to a “representative” sample of Americans to reach those numbers. Except then as they explain more, the problem comes out. As they continue, that sample was anything but “representative.”

They admit the folks polled were “majority Democrats” but they still try to sell this number as somehow meaningful.


A deeper dive into their poll shows exactly how skewed the numbers were, it wasn’t just by a little, it was by a lot.

Here’s the composition of the people that they polled.

There were 54% Democrats, 25% Independents, and just 18% Republicans. They don’t account for 3%, which raises another question. What were those folks? Unicorns? Royal Order of Raccoons? Didn’t they fall into a category? Even “undecided?” We don’t know whether CBS just didn’t care to include them or can’t do math. So exactly how much is such a poll worth?

But the deeper information and the propaganda nature of the poll isn’t what goes out, just that number is. So people spread that number all over Twitter, thinking that somehow means something when all it means is they surveyed a ton of Democrats.

This person, who sounds like a Democrat, still understood enough to know this was nonsense, just inherently.


Truthfully, CBS should be ashamed they even try to sell this.

But hey, they were able to put one over on Meathead.

Notice “let the majority rule.” Not serve, rule. And that’s the point of propaganda like this. To convince people that’s what the majority thinks and they should go along with it, so the Democrats can rule, and they can shove through all Biden’s proposals to ensure they control everything.

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