Psaki Deflects on Harris Going to the Border, but Kamala Reveals Her Real Focus

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Kamala Harris has still not gone to the border, just over a month after she was designated by Joe Biden to deal with the issues there.

After that designation, the Biden regime then backpedaled Joe’s rambling endorsement of her to deal with the issues, saying she was only going to deal on a diplomatic level with other leaders about “root causes.”


Harris’ excuse for not going to the border has been “covid issues,” according to Peter Doocy. Doocy asked Jen Psaki to explain that, since obviously Kamala Harris is fully vaccinated and has been traveling all over the country, even going to New Hampshire and our northern border, making the excuse seem rather nonsensical.

Psaki’s response? She deflected, claiming that Harris’ charge was to deal with the diplomatic issues, so she doesn’t even have to go to the border. Seriously? She’s worked so hard, she’s made a couple of phone calls and will make a phone call next week. It’s a tough job, isn’t it? Meanwhile, the border surge continues.

But at least Kamala spoke with the president of Mexico about trees.

Of course, if they hadn’t canceled the deals that President Donald Trump already had in place, like the deal with Mexico, they wouldn’t have had this problem, to begin with.


There’s now word that she told the president of Guatemala that she planned to visit in June, more than a month from now, obviously showing that it isn’t a big priority or focus to her.

But we wanted to bring you a little bit of her Zoom meeting with the president of Guatemala because it’s a window into what her real focus is.

I get she’s talking to the president of Guatemala and his team. But, excuse me, that’s wrong. The people of the United States should be “at the center” of everything she or the rest of the Biden regime does. The best interests of this country should be “at the center” of everything she does. That’s literally the Constitutional job. Isn’t that what she took an oath to do? But it’s as if they never remember that. Or don’t even think that to start with.


If the American people were at the “center” of her thought or that of Joe Biden, they would not have changed the protections in place and they’d enforce the law. They would realize how problematic the surge has been for people in the area and all the areas that have had to absorb the influx, not to mention the pocketbooks of Americans who are paying for the slipshod way in which the Biden regime has been dealing with it all. Never mind people just being released into the country who haven’t been tested during a pandemic.


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