CNN's Brianna Keilar Has an Odd Way of Describing Ma’Khia Bryant’s Would-Be Stabbing Victim

Every talking head and media person seems to have weighed in now on the Columbus police shooting of Ma’Khia Bryant.

There definitely have been some horrible takes, from Valerie Jarrett to LeBron James, with a lot of craziness in between.

But CNN had a “twofer”: an incredibly horrible take from a guest, with a bad follow-up from the host as well.

CNN pretty much already showed their colors by having Boston University Professor Ibram X. Kendi on about the Ma’Khia Bryant shooting. His whole purpose seems to be about hyping up division.

Kendi did it again on CNN, suggesting that Bryant probably wouldn’t have been shot if she was a rich white girl.

Host Brianna Keilar asked if people should be making distinctions between different police shooting incidents?

What an odd question to ask, one might think, because of course, you should “make distinctions,” every situation is different. But many BLM supporters and other radicals like Kendi seem to immediately conclude the police are guilty without making any distinctions or caring about the facts.

As noted, Kendi suggested that Bryant wouldn’t have been shot if she was a rich 16-year-old white girl. He suggested if she had been white, the officer might have tried to disarm her or “talk her down.” He said it was hard for him to believe that the officer would have used lethal force against her. He seemed to justify LeBron James’ disgusting threat to the officer as being from someone who was understandably angry, who believed he hadn’t “witnessed police work” but even “murder.”

Kendi’s remarks are just delusional to even suggest this was murder. Had the officer done any of the things that Kendi suggested, the girl in the pink would likely be dead. In the few seconds the officer had, he tried to dissuade Bryant by yelling at her to “get down[from the other girl]” as she rushed her with the knife, effectively pinning her on top of the car. Fortunately, it turns out he was a marksman in the Air National Guard. So he was the right cop to have there at the right time in a very difficult situation.

There was the initial bodycam that showed the officer acted properly. But then more video came out today that completely put any arguments to rest, as we reported earlier.

CNN should never have given Kendi air to pitch such fantasy and hate.

Keilar didn’t call him out on it either. Indeed, how she referred to the girl in the pink made it worse.

Keilar referred to the girl in pink as the “the girl who was close to Ma’Khia when she was shot,” as though to suggest that the cop might have not just been shooting at Ma’Khia but endangering the girl in pink as well. What? First, it seems a lot of these talking heads are only thinking about Bryant and not the girl who was almost knifed. Second, she wasn’t just “close to Ma’Khia,” she was being attacked by her. Third, while yes, it’s possible that the cop might have hit the girl in pink when he fired, if he didn’t, she would most certainly have been knifed. So it’s a very odd take to suggest that he somehow might be endangering her by firing.

Keilar needs to listen to what the girl in pink had to say, as should a lot of confused people on the left.

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