Megyn Kelly Warns School Administrators: You Too Could Get Fired for Pushing Radical Racial Agenda

We’ve previously reported here and here on the problem of elite high schools pushing radical race and identity politics in rules and curriculum, and how the parents are starting to fight back, thinking it’s all gone too far.


These are some of the feeder schools to the top universities and then, often to top positions in the outside world.

Indoctrinate the children, indoctrinate the country.

Now, a big name is weighing in and reminding the heads of schools moving in this direction that such moves might not always end well for them.

Megyn Kelly tweeted about how the head of the Dalton School, Jim Best, was now out.

“A warning to all Heads of School determined to re-racialize their schools & shove Critical Race Theory down the throats of their students,” Kelly warned. “If the head of Dalton can get fired for this insanity, so can you. Stop the hateful division.”

Kelly had herself pulled her kids out of their NYC schools last year for the same kind of thing, as she previously explained.


As the NY Post reported, another parent, Andrew Gutmann, called out the same problem at the elite school his 12-year-old daughter attends in a scathing letter published on Bari Weiss’ Substack.

“By viewing every element of education, every aspect of history, and every facet of society through the lens of skin color and race, we are desecrating the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.,” he wrote, saying the policies encourage kids to judge, and be judged, by the color of their skin. [….]

He’s now waiting to see if the school will allow his 12-year-old daughter to finish out the year. She’s been there since kindergarten and hopes to stay until June to complete the sixth grade. Gutmann asked that the Post not identify his daughter.

“She hasn’t been brainwashed yet by the school — but she’s had me at home,” Gutmann said Saturday. “I’m not so sure that’s true of the other kids.”


You can read the full letter here:

Can we hope that we might be seeing a turn in all this effort? Because it isn’t just the elite schools engaging in this, it’s everywhere; it can even be your corner school in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. But it’s a great thing to see such push back and it might encourage other parents to take a similar stand.

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