"60 Minutes" Has a New Target, but They're Still Missing Glaring Reality of BLM/Antifa

AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez

We’ve done a lot of reporting on the deceptive reporting that “60 Minutes” did about Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, trying to imply a “pay for play” scandal that did not exist in regard to vaccine distribution. Their story was debunked and the show was widely castigated by people on both sides of the aisle.

But it didn’t appear that “60 Minutes” learned any lessons from that episode. Because they were busy with pitching a narrative while missing glaring reality once again. They did a piece on the Oathkeepers group, some of whom had been involved in the riot at the Capitol. The group has thousands of members, mostly veterans and former or current law enforcement, most of whom were not involved.

“A lot of them have tactical training,” one of the people on the episode intones ominously about the Oathkeepers.

So we have a suggestion for “60 Minutes.” There’s no question there were some Oathkeepers at the Capitol on Jan. 6.

But is there any group that you can think of who has been involved in riots against the government — state, local, and federal — since last year, causing millions in damage, killing people, and attacking hundreds of police officers and others? Who attacked the federal courthouse in Portland for months and is still attacking federal property periodically in that city? Who set fires and wreaked destruction just this weekend, with signs or graffiti saying “Death to America?”

Cities are now preparing because of potential riots predicted over the verdict in the Derek Chauvin case, whatever that verdict might be. Who is it that they are afraid of? Hint: they’re not “just an idea” and they’re not right-wing.

Once upon a time, “60 Minutes” would have figured out the answer to that question and maybe done a great investigative report. But that was a long time ago and they’ve long since gone over the slide.

“60 Minutes” doesn’t appear to have noticed.

Antifa may be wearing black bloc but it’s that leftist ideology that protects them even more than the black clothing. It’s the ideology that really stops the media from taking a deeper look at them or trying to expose them. Hard to expose them when you might be sympathizing with the ideology.

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