Vatican Has Surprising List of Speakers for Conference, Including Pro-Abortion Chelsea Clinton

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People have often used the expression, “Is the Pope Catholic?” to mean “Yes, of course,” to state decisively there isn’t any question about whatever is being asked.


Except now, more and more, it seems like that might be a real question. Is the Pope really Catholic?

Prior popes, such as Pope John Paul II, were bulwarks against radical thought and attacks not in line with Catholic teaching. But it often seems as if one has to raise a question about Pope Francis. John Paul II was a stalwart anti-Communist who recognized very clearly the threats, having lived them himself as a son of Poland. He did what he could not to knowingly elevate folks who pushed extremist thought. Unfortunately, he was a human being and he couldn’t live forever. The battle within the Church has in many ways mirrored that same battle going on in the outside world between the conservatives and the leftists. Now, it seems radical leftist thought is ascending within the Church.

For example, the virtual conference that the Vatican is hosting next month.

People are sitting up and taking notice of the topic and the guest list. Titled “Exploring the Mind, Body & Soul – Unite to Prevent & Unite to Cure,” the conference will look at “how innovation and novel delivery systems improve human health.” So who are they having to speak? According to Townhall, among the speakers are pro-abortion Chelsea Clinton, authoritarian bureaucrat Dr. Anthony Fauci, new age Deepak Chopra, Cindy Crawford, Aerosmith’s Joe Perry, a VP from Google, a variety of CEOs, and CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta.


As the Federalist observes, Chelsea Clinton is not just ‘pro-choice,’ she is anti the pro-life movement, calling it “anti-choice” and promoting global pro-abortion initiatives around the world through the Clinton Foundation. Clinton has even called restricting abortion “deeply un-Christian.” So exactly why would you give her a prominent platform to speak about anything unless she was about to admit her position has been wrong? Why is the Church promoting her as some kind of legitimate voice to speak on the well-being of the soul?


The rest of the list looks like a panoply of the liberal talking heads and celebrities. What exactly does Sanjay Gupta have to offer on health and the soul? He can’t even tell which end is up on an X-Ray. Don’t even get me started on Dr. Anthony Fauci and how his edicts have harmed life over the past year, speaking of being “pro-life” in a broader sense of the word.

A lot of folks were questioning what the Church was thinking here and how much the left has infiltrated the decision making of the Church.


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