BLM Threaten to 'Burn Sh*t Down' in Dallas; Force Way Into Police HQs, Attack Cop in Columbus

There were a lot of BLM actions over the past couple of days because of the police shooting of Daunte Wright.

We reported how last night in Brooklyn Center, where Wright was shot, protesters were trying to break down the fencing around the police department and throwing things at the police, then there was a call for “White people to the front” (to be used as human shields in the event of any push back from the police).


It’s a common tactic. Another common tactic of similar leftist protests is to put the elderly, the disabled, or any possible children up to the front as well. The reason? So if the police push back, activists can get the picture of a more vulnerable person being pushed by the police.

They were out again tonight at the fences and got sprayed by the police.

In Sacramento on Tuesday, Antifa tore down street signs, upset an outdoor dining area, and one attacked a photographer.

In Dallas, they chanted that “we burn sh*t down.”

Meanwhile, things got violent in Columbus.


They forced their way into the lobby of the police headquarters with bolt cutters, then one of them allegedly whacked a black cop with a club in the face and the chest.

Looks like a real sweet guy, doesn’t he? Black lives really matter to him, that’s why he allegedly cracked the black cop with the club?

According to The Post Millennial, Mattin was a canvasser for Hillary Clinton during the 2016 campaign.


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