AOC's New Name For Those Migrant 'Concentration Camps' and Why the Left Is Ticked Off at Her

Greg Nash/Pool via AP

You may recall how much of a tantrum Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) threw over facilities for housing illegal aliens back under President Donald Trump.

She referred to them as “concentration camps” and infamously went to one where she did a photo op crying in front of a parking lot fence.

Her rabid language of ‘concentration camps’ was then used by an Antifa person to firebomb an ICE facility in Washington state.

So what has happened to AOC? Where is her condemnation of Joe Biden? We previously observed that any of her words in regards to Biden seemed strangely lacking the ferocity of her words against Trump.

Now check out how she’s referring to the centers now, she’s using a new word to take the place of “concentration camps.” Naturally, they can’t be called that now under Joe Biden, even if they are the exact same camp.

“Influx facilities?” I thought you weren’t going to back down according to your tweets, AOC? Sounds like you backed all the way down. Instead of doing away with the horrible old “concentration camps,” now she argues that they should be licensed. And instead of “torture” or “dehumanization,” she now talks about the “controversial records” of the camp she previously wanted to be taken down.

The left also got upset with her last week when she tried to draw a distinction between the camps under Trump and those under Biden.

They weren’t buying that they were no longer “concentration camps,” they weren’t buying her distinction. They wondered who what she was getting to have such a radical switch on the subject.

She’s a radical politician, kids; like most, she’s in it for her own self-gratification and power. She has no morals. In order to get the power she craves, she needs to make accommodations of some kind with the Democratic power structure if she has hopes to run for higher office in the near future. So she’ll throw all the activist stuff under the bus if it gets in the way of that ambition. That’s the bottom line, and that’s why the utter hypocrisy.