Black Bloc Protester Tries to Climb Chase Bank Building, It Doesn't End Well

Screenshot from this video, which is embedded in the story:

Far leftist protesters, including folks with the radical group Extinction Rebellion, have been out in Washington, D.C. yesterday and in Manhattan today, agitating against a pipeline that would run between Alberta, Canada and Superior, Wisconsin that they claim could endanger native wetlands and waters.


We saw part of the actions against the pipeline earlier this month in Portland, where Antifa and other radical leftists stormed into banks, including a Chase Bank where a security guard had to pull a gun on them to protect himself and try to keep them out. Multiple people were arrested, including a man who was arrested again later the same night for allegedly attacking the federal courthouse, smashing in a window with a scooter.

Here was some of the action in Washington, D.C. yesterday.

They’ve targeted several banks, including Chase, because they blame them for funding aspects of the pipeline. They were agitating against a Chase Bank today in Manhattan.

@ScootercasterNY at Freedom News TV caught the action.

But when one of the protesters dressed in black bloc tried to climb up the side of the building on Madison Avenue between East 46th and 47th streets, he chose poorly. It did not end well.


The activist was going up with black paint in a backpack, likely hoping to use it on the building. While he climbed up, others were defacing the front window, calling for the bank to defund from the pipeline project. A man who appeared connected to the building tried to encourage the protester to come down.

He came down, alright, hard, when he tried to cross over to an awning and then fell about 15 feet to the ground on his right arm, yelling in pain. Thinking that hurt a lot. The black paint in his bag spills everywhere. His fellow activists rush over and yell, “Call 911” which is rather ironic, given that on any other occasion, you would likely find some of these folks marching with the BLM and calling to defund the police. EMS responds and takes the guy to the hospital.

Chances he learns any kind of lesson from doing something so stupid? Probably nil.



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