There's Poop on Floor at the White House

During Joe Biden’s campaign, he tried to pitch his campaign as bringing back “normalcy.”

Don’t look at any cognitive issues that you might think Biden has and how that might endanger us. Don’t pay attention to any issues related to his son, Hunter, or Hunter’s business relationships in Ukraine or China. Don’t be concerned about pay-to-play. Don’t be concerned about any of the far-left policies he’s pitching or who’s behind him.


Hey, he wouldn’t mean tweet, and look, he’ll bring dogs back into the White House!

The dogs were supposed to be the happy veneer, one of the things to pitch cute stories about the Biden family rather than questions about the flood of illegal aliens at the border and what utter fail that is, or the incredibly harmful bills Biden has proposed that will give Democrats everything they want to control elections nationally and throw millions of freelancers out of work to empower the unions.

But it sounds like even the dogs aren’t happy. As we previously reported, Major bit someone, and the dogs were sent away for a bit. But even after some remedial training, Major then bit another worker. Part of the problem had been that they were allowed to roam everywhere without a leash and clearly weren’t used to all the stimuli.

Now, there’s also poop on the floor, according to reports.


“Champ and Major were spotted in the hallway outside the Palm Room doors in front of the Diplomatic Room. There was dog poo on the floor. It’s unclear which dog was responsible for it”

Now, given all the questions about the folks in the White House, maybe we shouldn’t just blame the dogs. Can we be sure it was the dogs or are they just getting the blame?

But it’s clear that even they find a Biden White House completely unsettling, much like the rest of us do and they’re letting their master know it. And somehow, it’s the perfect metaphor for the quality of what we have been provided with so far from the occupant in the White House.


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