Psaki Weighs in With Biden's Opinion on the Effort to Steal the Iowa Seat, The Hypocrisy Is Just Incredible

Psaki Weighs in With Biden's Opinion on the Effort to Steal the Iowa Seat, The Hypocrisy Is Just Incredible
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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has shown signs before of thinking she’s Marie Antoinette and can dictate to people. But a Pelosi video that we wrote about yesterday, where she claimed she had the right to declare the winner of the Iowa 2nd Congressional district race was something else.

In addition to the crazy eyes and the freaky resemblance to a mafia leader, she was, of course, assuming power that she doesn’t have. The House is supposed to be reviewing the factual question, not based on party desire for power. But, you wouldn’t know that, if you listened to Pelosi. The House has to make a decision when there’s a challenge in this case by the Democrat opponent of the certified winner, the Republican. It’s very rare that the House overturns a certified election — particularly one where there’s already been a recount and a court decision in the case.

But what’s stunning, of course, about all this is the utter hypocrisy, when you compare what the Democrats said in regard to President Donald Trump’s election challenges.

So, a reporter asked Jen Psaki during the briefing today if Biden was down with Pelosi and this possibility that the House might declare the winner to be other than the person decided by the people and the state of Iowa? Psaki was asked if Biden agreed with the Republicans who called this an “unacceptable attempt to undermine a legitimate democratic process?”

Psaki gave the green light to Pelosi to pursue overturning the result and declaring the Democrat the winner.

Psaki said “I believe that the process that is outlined by the House of Representatives is what is being followed here to ensure every vote is counted,” said Psaki. “So, no, he wouldn’t agree with that.”

Every vote was counted and recounted. And determined by a court and certified. The Democrat, Rita Hart, could have challenged the election further in the Iowa courts. She chose not to do so thinking that she stood a better chance of appealing to the House to seat her with the Democrats in the majority.

Apparently it’s okay for Democrats to challenge certified election results. Of course, it’s cool when Democrats do it, just like it was cool for all the years that Democrats objected to the electoral count, including when it came to President Donald Trump’s election. Just not when Republicans do it, then it’s bad.

Chalk up another one to hypocrisy.

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