Mayorkas Goes Full 'Baghdad Bob' in Interview, Gives Pathetic Response to Letting Media Into CBP Facilities

The Biden team has not only created a border crisis, they are actively trying to gaslight us as to what’s going on.

They aren’t letting media into the CBP facilities to examine the conditions. The reason why? The conditions are crowded and awful, with kids being held longer than the law allows, not seeing the sun, sleeping on the floor, and going hungry — and yes, they are still keeping people in cages. It’s a mess.


They’re even reportedly considering just releasing people who are caught in the Rio Grande Valley and claim asylum into the country without any notice to appear because they don’t have the ability to process them.

But that’s not what you’re hearing from DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

Mayorkas went full Baghdad Bob on the Sunday shows trying to sell how in control the Biden folks were. The “border is closed,” he declared.

“We are expelling families, we are expelling single adults and we have made a decision that we will not expel young, vulnerable children,” Mayorkas claimed.

This, of course, is counter to reality — as we can see, the border is not only not closed, it appears wide open. Then, on top of that, he’s still saying they’re going to let kids coming alone in. That’s insane, it’s like waving to the cartels and the coyotes to abuse this and abuse the kids in the process. It also will prompt anyone even close to looking like a kid to pretend to be a kid to get in. That creates a whole new set of problems with older men then in with kids in holding areas.


Mayorkas said they were proceeding on their “plans.” Yes, we get your plan appears to have been to let all these folks in, or in the words of Joe Biden to have them “surge to the border.”

The message is the border is open and there are no consequences, according to local law enforcement.

Fox’s Chris Wallace also pressed Mayorkas on why they weren’t allowing the media in to see the conditions in the CBP facilities.


From Townhall:

“Why has the Biden administration refused to allow reporters to see for themselves and to record what the conditions are in which these minors are being housed?” Wallace asked. “Why, in fact, did you when you went to the border on Friday and led a congressional delegation, why did you refuse to allow reporters to see the conditions in which these minors are being held?”

Mayorkas pleaded the pandemic and said they were working on getting footage for the reporters to see. That, of course, wasn’t an answer.

Then on top of that, he suggested looking at the HHS facilities instead, the place they are sent after the CBP facilities. Apparently, the pandemic doesn’t apply to HHS facilities, only CBP facilities.

“I would encourage you and other reporters to see the facilities under the control of the Health and Human Services Department, where those children are sheltered and where they belong and where we are moving them as quickly as possible,” Mayorkas said.

Wallace pooh-poohed the pandemic claim as an excuse.

Of course, he’s right. They just don’t want the media to see the conditions in which the kids are being held because they know it’s bad. So much for Joe Biden’s claim of transparency. He’s been everything but.


They were warned. But they did it anyway.

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