Chinese Chastised Blinken Even More Than Reported; Blinken's Transcript of Event Leaves out Part of It

State Department Photo by Ron Przysucha

I wrote previously about how the a U.S. delegation, headed by Tony Blinken, met with the Chinese in Alaska and got batted around, with the Chinese ridiculously attacking the U.S. over its human rights record. They knew that they could, when Joe Biden’s response on the Uighur genocide was that the Chinese have “different cultural norms.”

The Chinese said that the U.S. had no right to speak to China “from a position of strength.”

“US has human rights problems—long history of killing of blacks,” Chinese diplomat Yang Jiechi chastised Blinken.

Why? Because of Black Lives Matter rhetoric, which Democrats have embraced. So, the Democrats are now getting gored on their own rhetoric, our enemies are feeding on it, and using it against us. Thanks, Democrats!

What was Blinken’s response? It should have been to walk out, tell them they had weren’t living in reality, and/or remind them they have actual concentration camps where they are putting Uighurs.

Instead, the US’s top diplomat Blinken reportedly conceded that the U.S. “is not perfect.” He basically let us be gored and said, “Thank you, may I have another?”

But there was another moment that The National Pulse’s Raheem Kassam found that shows Yang Jiechi chastising Blinken for wanting to rush reporters out of the room, much as they do around Joe Biden, taunting him saying, “Didn’t you believe in democracy?”

He’s literally waving his finger in Blinken’s face. It’s hard to say how bad it is, when they think they can get away with stuff like this.

The difference is stark. This never would have happened with Pompeo.

Unfortunately we no longer have adults in the room; we have “woke” teenagers who are having all their propaganda and weakness being thrown back at them. Unfortunately, that’s also very bad for us all as a country.

Not to mention that the official transcript of the event leaves out some of what the Chinese said/did. To make it not look as bad? That’s problematic, since it’s supposed to be an official transcript of the event.

They also left out the chastisement about the reporters.

Once again, a problem of transparency by the Biden team.

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