Biden Makes 'Awkward' Ridiculously Short Stop at Store in PA, Before Reporters Are Ushered Away Again

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Joe Biden has finally set a press conference date — for eight days from now, so he can go eight days without people asking when it will be.

But that doesn’t mean his handlers are being any less vigorous about steering him away from reporters when they try to ask questions.

Biden is supposedly going on the road to tell folks what a great thing his $1.9 trillion bill is. Translation: If it were really great, you wouldn’t have to try to sell it after it already passed. He’s calling it the “Help is Here” tour. There’s no question that Democrats are better than Republicans at propaganda. It’s true, President Donald Trump spent more time getting things done than he did on selling what he had done afterward.

But at least yesterday he wasn’t going too far to sell it. Biden went to a flooring store outside of Philadelphia, about a half-an-hour away from his home in Delaware where he was staying, his fourth weekend/longer at his home in Delaware. His last trip to a store was similarly to a small business nearby in Pennsylvania.

From the NY Post:

The president — who picked his ear and scratched his head during an at-times awkward first tour stop — said this month he wanted to aggressively promote his bill. Former President Barack Obama’s “humility” cost Democrats politically, he said.

“Barack was so modest. He didn’t want to take, as he said, ‘a victory lap’. I kept saying, ‘Tell people what we did.’ He said, ‘We don’t have time, I’m not gonna take a victory lap.’ We paid a price for it ironically, for that humility,” Biden said this month, previewing the tour.

Barack was so modest? Was he talking about the same person we know?

But Biden wasn’t trying very hard there if the report was correct, as the New York Post explained, not really doing much talking about the bill.

According to the report, he made a three-minute stop there, asked the folks who had received PPP help if they had any questions: “More help is on the way, for real. Do you have questions for me — at all?” Biden asked. Co-owner Kristin Smith said “we don’t have any questions but we wanted to say thank you” and remarked that “not many people come out and stop here in Chester.” They thanked him for the PPP help (which came from the bills passed last year) and then the reporters were ushered quickly away.

Some video of the three minutes.

Looks like reporters being whisked away. They’re apparently not even allowed to do their job, such as it was.

All of that for three minutes? To prove what? That Joe can stand up?

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