Hold Onto Your Hats: Biden Team Finally Makes a Decision on a Press Conference

Hold Onto Your Hats: Biden Team Finally Makes a Decision on a Press Conference
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We’ve been reporting about how Joe Biden seems to have been doing everything he could to avoid a press conference, not to mention the traditional, joint address to Congress that usually would have been given in February.

He’s also been rushed away from events when reporters tried to ask questions, as we previously reported.

It’s been the longest period between coming into office before a press conference in 100 years, longer than his 15 predecessors.

From Washington Examiner:

By the 50-day mark (reached last week), Former President George H.W. Bush had held five press conferences, Donald Trump and Bill Clinton five, Bill Clinton four, George W. Bush three, and Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan two, according to a study by Martha Kumar, a presidential scholar and professor emeritus at Towson University.

But, it looks like they’re finally conceding that all the efforts to hold off on the press conference haven’t worked and are biting the bullet.

According to Jen Psaki, there will be Biden press conference on the afternoon of March 25, which would be 64 days. Interestingly, that’s also the anniversary of NY Governor Andrew Cuomo’s tragic order requiring nursing homes to accept virus patients, which some observed. But so far, it’s just one of the many things that Biden has refused to weigh in on, refusing to say if Cuomo should resign.

So, have they figured out how to control the press conference, are they just throwing caution to the wind, or is it time to dispense with the pretense?

They’ve had him answer a few questions before with preselected reporters. Are they going to try that option? That’s still potentially problematic, even if you have prearranged questions.

They’ve probably figured it’s best at this point to just do it, get it out of the way, to remove it as a talking point — just deal with whatever screw-ups he makes, and spin like crazy.

But now that they’ve waited so long, there are some real questions he’s going to have to answer: not just about why he’s delayed it so long, but about all the crises and problems he’s created in the meantime, in the short time that he’s had. The burgeoning crisis at the border that he even refuses to admit is a crisis, despite the fact that his own DHS secretary is saying is the biggest surge of illegal aliens in 20 years, with kids sleeping on the floor and going hungry.

The failure to deal with the teachers unions to get schools open. The destruction of thousands of jobs because of his executive orders hurting the energy industry, including the Keystone Pipeline. His planned huge tax hikes. Antifa, not just an idea, still rampaging through Portland. The adverse influence his administration appears to be having on the military, as evidenced by the attacks on Tucker Carlson — and a Democratic congressional delegate even marching members of the National Guard on the office of Marjorie Taylor Greene.

They’ve got nine days to figure it out. It’s about to get interesting.

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